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Fashion competition

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Fashion competition

Postby Jane89 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:58 am

I'm in a department kind of store for a contest. Myself and other girls are each assigned a model. I complete my first look just in time to showcase it and then we are sent to start the next one. This time we are supposed no to collaborate with our model. I pick out some sunglasses and show my model just as She picks out some too and we are on the same page. They have an ombré orange and pink affect to them. Next I pick out some jewelry simple but stylish to bring more colour. I find some tear drop shaped earrings in a swirling lime green and yellow (colours that came up in a dream the night before). I also find two minature picture frames, the painting inside are abstract yellow and lime green and the boarder is fancy and gold. I decide to tie these up on her heels to give them an added look. It is complicated tying them and I don't want it to look crafty. The string won't go through properly and as I'm tying it up it creates a giant knot. We only have a few more minutes to finish before the judging begins. My girl has a black dress on with a cross cross neckline, the glasses and jewelry and I'm putting the final touches as I see one of the picture frames is coming loose from her shoe and ties with Bunchy blue string. It look s terrible. I race to the drawer to find the tan string and tie it up nicely. Just as i finish time is called and I tell my model how to describe her outfit. Another designer says it's supposed to be an outfit for the girl on the go and my outfit doesn't fit that but I'm hoping what I told my model will be enough for her to creatively convince the judges. Any idea what this could all mean?
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