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Weird slightly chilling dream

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Weird slightly chilling dream

Postby Ellamay » Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:18 am

Most of last night's dream didn't make a lot of sense. I was back at university which I'd never do if you paid me. I was retaking my A Levels there which I really don't need to do and it can't be done at that uni anyway. I was retaking maths which was crazy as I hadn't taken it in the first place. I decided to walk round the university to see what had changed. I went into what used to be the theatre and it was a reception area that looked just like the entrance to another building across campus. I went upstairs and it was just like the upstairs of yet another building. Then somehow I managed to walk into someone's flat.

At first I didn't know it was a flat so I started looking round but then I heard a noise and realised there was a lady typing on a typewriter in one corner of the room. At least it looked like a typewriter but weren't they really noisy? This sounded more like a computer keyboard. She didn't mind at all that I'd walked into her flat and we started talking. I can't really remember what she looked like except she had short brown hair and really gorgeous grey eye make-up. We talked, she asked me what I was studying and she told me she'd moved into the flat recently and she really liked it. Then she showed me her book collection. I was looking at some of her books when she asked me if I'd like to go to Brighton with her. For some reason, I thought Brighton was quite a long way south-east but my university was to the north of Brighton. I said I didn't think I'd be able to go and she said she was just going to look around but soon she'd be living there. I expressed surprise at this as I thought she'd only just moved into the flat and the lady said "Oh no, my dear. This isn't the beginning. We're actually nearly at the end."

The dream continued after that but I woke up with what she said in my mind. It's probably just another crazy thing that doesn't make sense but I was quite chilled by it and wondered if there was a deeper meaning. As so much of the dream was about going back into the past and finding things are different perhaps the message is that it's impossible to go back. Even if you physically go back somewhere, there will always be big differences. But I'm not sure why I'd be nearly at the end.

If there is a meaning you probably can't help with it and that's okay. I just wanted to tell someone who's actually interested in dreams.
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DM Lurker
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