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Everybody is a werewolf

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Everybody is a werewolf

Postby ChrisPeefeArt » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:52 am

I had become a werewolf. Understandably, this was a frightening occurrence. I was still trying to make sense of things and trying to communicate the issue with some friends when somehow we were all transported to a parallel dimension. Upon arriving in this other universe, the most intelligent person in the group with the scientific understanding to have some chance to get us home had disappeared. The rest of us realized we were all now werewolves. What's more is that we were all tagged with a number. We parted ways in order to spread out and try to gain information about this new world and what was going on. We found out that everyone in this world was a werewolf and everyone was tagged with a number. The number was a percentage of how much of a werewolf everyone was and those with a higher number were considered to be weaker. Those of us with especially high numbers (I was a 93) were openly bullied by strangers and regarded as weak. Just as I was about to jumped, the kindest and most docile person in our group came walking up the street with a spring in his step. He was tagged with less than 1 percent so he was regarded as important and powerful. He was able to scare away the thugs with a friendly smile on his face. There was a different member of the group that was effective at mysteries that tried to trace down familiar places and people to see if it would be possible to get help from this dimension. Before that yielded results, we were contacted by that first person that disappeared at the beginning. We had assumed that he had somehow died or didn't make it all the way into this dimension. Instead he was transported to a far away location and into the past. He had spent many years playing looped tapes trying to communicate across an underground network in order to get help and eventually reach us again. He had gained information and resources during the gap between when he went back in time and when he located us again. Unfortunately, I woke up at this point and was unable to finish the dream.
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