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Exchanging cars

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Exchanging cars

Postby kidlike » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:19 am

In the dream I'm driving a cute sliver VW beetle. Will stopping at a small corner store I find my mom, she said she needed a lift to the hospital.

Because my car wasn't enough to get us there I trade it with some ladies shopping in the shop for their bigger car. Their car was older and really really REALLY smelly.... But it worked so we traded. My shiny car for their stinky one, They drive off hooting and I take my mom to the hospital.

At the toll bridge I have the chance to exchange cars again. I pick a silver Sedan this time. It's comfortable and smells fresh. It takes us the rest of the way.

When we get to the hospital it's more like an airport and we are made to jump through hoops of bureaucracy to admit my mother. For some reason she went ahead of me and I couldn't keep up. The rest of my family and extended family were there and when my mom went they threw a dinner to celebrate... I didn't like that at all for some reason.
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Re: Exchanging cars

Postby Varzandeh » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:32 am

Your car means your work, silver means moral money but a little,
you will change with a A bigger work but stinky means people speak behind the back of you,
then again you will change to a moral money.
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