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Dreaming about an old male friend

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Dreaming about an old male friend

Postby dlovestowrite » Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:17 pm

This old male friend I haven't seen in years. We were extremely close as kids like bro and sis.I had this dream that I was hanging with him and this girl that looks nothing like his girlfriend today (that I saw on instagram, I haven't seen him in years). It like they were about to get married but wanted to party first. Everything in the dream was kinda with this olive green tint to it the colors I mean. I hope everything is alright with him.

black and american cisgender female asexual and aromatic

Facts about him
white and american cisgender male straight(i suppose)

facts about his girlfriend in the dream
brunette white olive green dress brown leggins

facts about his girlfriend in real life
white female cisgender
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