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unique dream

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unique dream

Postby G_P » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:21 am

I had a rather unique dream today. It was back in my old school, and there was a studen I never saw before. He wad strange and was known to have build a working Android. He was mostly ignored and no wanted wanted to talk with him. But he asked a few people some questions. I think those were from Math anf Physics.
He asked me too, and thats when it happend. After he asked the questions I looked at him and said "Sorry I'm bad at math and physics, I'm really good at english tho!"
and it was this moment I noticed that I was looking in first person. I usually am just like a camera in a movie or game, watching my dreams from a distance. But it was the first time in years where I was in first person, and another thing was that I new that I was the "Protagonist" in this dream. Just like the first person view, me being the protagonist is something that hasn't happend in years. Even when I suspect that I'm the protagonist in my dream, I'm never able to tell. I always remember a black shadow. So I was excited even in my dream that I'm me. I knew that I was in a dream at that point, but I couldn't take control or anything, I could only watch. Some other uninteressting things happened, but one thing inportant was that I went to a amusement park and there was an old teacher if mine. I asked her how I shoukd adress her, but she asjed me first what class I was and I told her. It was the same class as me so this confirmed it again and I noticed it at the moment in my dream again.

Does anyone know what this could mean?
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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