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unknown strangers name in dream

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unknown strangers name in dream

Postby quercus » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:43 pm

I was looking for some help with a dream I had a few nights ago, I dream constantly every night the usual random and crazy things that is spinning around the subconscious mind and I enjoy most of these dreams and look forward to having these dreams.
But the dream I had the other night was different it was quite detailed and felt different too,
I was standing by a body of water in front of me and large gravely mounds behind me the water was gently lapping on a gravely shore although it wasn't familiar to me I felt very safe and content there.
I walked a little and seen a pink flower (cosmos) and thought that it would look nice amongst some yellow flowers a small bit away, so I moved it into the middle of a group of yellow flowers an thought that looks good now.
I looked up the gravely hill and decided to climb to the top and see what I could see from there, as I walked up the gravel and soil was loose and moved a little and made it harder to climb but I got there with little effort.
At the top was a long old stone wall and directly in front of me was a stone archway with 2 open gates. I walked through the archway into a large old walled garden which had been left neglected there was nothing left only grass and the walls around it.
To my right I had a view over the walls to the roof of an old manor house and the large body of water beyond (sea, Lake?) when I turned to my left I seen a collection of old worn head stones in the corner. I thought I will go over and have a look at the stones and see what's on them its probably the old family cemetery of the house owners from century's past.
now this is the bit I find weird and has bothered me a little since,
I was able to read the headstone and see a name clearly, and was able wake up to remember this name.
Never before in a dream have I seen writing or ever read anything.
This was a woman's name, quit an obscure and random name and not a name I have ever read or heard before it also said she was predeceased by her husband but I couldn't make out that name on the stone it was worn.
A friend of mine said why don't you Google the name and see if anyone has a name like that.
the first thing that came up was a death notice for an elderly woman with the same name who passed away around this time last year on another continent and she was predeceased by her husband. normally when you Google a name you get lots of facebook or LinkedIn links but a death notice with a picture was a little unnerving.
if anyone can shed any light or have any insights to the imagery that would be great, like I say most dreams come and go this one plays back in my mind vividly and the random name has me puzzled. Was I visited by a sprit trying to make contact to my subconscious? I don't know, im not a believer in sprits and ghosts (normally)
sorry for the long post
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DM Lurker
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Re: unknown strangers name in dream

Postby aussie_musician » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:35 pm

the name that you googled, did the info give you any further insight .. for the name ???
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