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Recurring - ominous hidden follower

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Recurring - ominous hidden follower

Postby Sofaking2018 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:29 pm

I have had a recurring dream since I was I eight years old and the whole format is exactly the same each time. Although I do recognise it and am able to wake myself up.

I am in the middle of a blank landscape the sky and ground are both white. There is a horizon but it’s not really visual, I just know it’s the distance. At the horizon I see the heat lines like a mirage. There is nothing there. Although the place seems hot, this doesn’t effect me at all. I have only surmised this heat aspect over the years

I start walking. After about 5 minutes I think there is something following me, no idea how, just a tiny tiny thought. I turn around and look into the distance, into the mirage lines. There is nothing there. With almost a mental shrug I turn back round and continue on my way.
After a little while, I start to think there is something following me again. I turn round and look into the distance again. I think there might be something there but I am not sure. After some time I tell myself there isn’t anything there and turn back around and start walking.

This is the only bit that changes. The amount of times I walk and turn round. Each time I stare for longer, each time I am more convinced something is there, but every time I convince myself that there isn’t anything there.

Then for the last time I turn around and start walking. This time I know something is right behind me. I can’t speed up or slow down, I know if I turn round, it will pounce. I walk perfectly, feeling this ominous pressure build and build until I convince myself to turn round and look at it. At that point of thought I wake up. With a migraine and I will have literally soaked the bed with sweat.

I have never been able turn around and I know the outcome of the dream so WHEN I become aware of it I wake myself up. Even if I wake myself up when I appear in the landscape I am already sweating.

I haven’t had the dream for about 2 years but I don’t believe it has stopped just that I am even more aware of the signals for this dream that I can avoid it before appearing in the landscape. At those times I wake up heightened with the same sense of the dream but without having lived though it and feel like I have dodged something.

Weird one. I don’t believe I have any trauma physical or mental from that time, or something more fundamental that would last from prepubescent to almost 45 years old.

Was talking about dreams today and I’d thought I’d get some insight to this old fella I have lived with

Thank you
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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