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recurring dream and escape dream

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recurring dream and escape dream

Postby Rurouni » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:33 pm

1st dream
I am part of some military unit, but I'm not really cut out for it, I guess. The setting is some very dry mountinous area, a village with small huts. The colours are all sorta subdued and earthy.
I walk beside a man, my superior, towards one of the buildings. We are wearing tight protective suits (you could compare them to Power Rangers' suits) with elliptical helmets and black visors. As we approach the building, I am worried that I might be forced to kill someone. Suddenly a granate is thrown into the building next to us. An explosion. I might have lost consciousness for a very brief moment. When I open my eyes, there's dust all around my, I can barely see the hand before my eyes. Someone approaches us.
I see people approaching me. Many of them. And they are violent. People in bright red suits of small stature, crooked legs and broad shoulders. The enemy army. One of them is about to open my visor or remove my helmet, but there's a male face hiding behind the visor. The vision ends and I realise, that I'm back with my unit. In some sort of conference room we are watching a video. Apparently a bunch of our comrades have been captured and put in some labour camp of sorts. They're all in pretty bad shape. I realise the enemy is after actually me and I have to go and help rescue our men.
--- Here the recurring dream part starts. ---
I am in some Arabian looking country. Sand-coloured houses, narrow paved streets packed with people going to market or so. Military people or just some richer people gallop on horseback through the narrow streets cutting carelessly through the masses. Some are leading other animals, like oxes, beside their horse. I blend in with the locals. I have to be careful, because this is enemy territory. I reach a rather open area, like a plaza. Two long lines of guards are placed their. I see a man on the opposite side of the plaza. The street behind me is almost empty. A darkish figure crosses my path. An arrow from a blowpipe shoots past me and knocks down the figure. There's a companion having my back. I go around the corner to leave a message for some contact person. I drop something somewhere in a wall and attempt to leave, when I see a black figure coming out of a niche. I turn around going back the same way I originally came, but the man from the plaza sees me and approaches. I go faster. Arrows from a bow shoot past me. I turn around and shoot at him using my blowpipe. Luckily I didn't hit him, because suddenly I realise him as a friend and his arrows miss me on purpose.
--- Here I was roused be my alarm. ---

2nd dream
I'm with two men. I don't recall what we were doing, but one of the men is in danger. We have to make for an escape. But although I advise them not to go back home, because the enemy'll probably wait for us there, we end up back at his house. I think we are eating something when the phone rings. I am vary, but the other man answers the phone and brusquely rebuffs the caller, but not without giving away that we are home with him. Shortly after another call comes in. I think I hear a woman's voice. The third time I answer the phone. Noone speaks, just a faint giggle of what sounds like a little girl. Then loud noises in the background. A woman, probably in her fifties judging from the voice, demands to know who I am. I return the question stating that she was the one calling me. She tells me, if the servants used the phone she will certainly punish them. More noises of someone being knocked down or so. I hang up and demand that we leave instantly. We pack a few things, food, clothes. Next thing I see is some mountain path, greenery all around. We are somewhere in the wilderness and confident about our hunting skills so we won't starve.
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