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went to astral fair with late mother, and sister

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went to astral fair with late mother, and sister

Postby abbynormal » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:39 pm

a fragment of a remembered dream- I was in my car, in the passenger seat, my late mother, as she was in her 30s, was driving, we went over to this local fairground, in a sunny tree-shaded park-like setting with numerous cul-de-sacs where people parked willy-nilly on the grass and paths, I eagerly pointed out an empty space just vacated in the middle of a grassy little berm already crowded with parked cars, and we squeezed in there scraping the cars on either side of us. then we got out and went to the turnstiles where we got our tickets to get in, I met my sister there who gave me money to buy the ticket and in we went, and first place I ended up in, when I got separated from sis and mom, was this curious blue and green building that was pleasantly shady and cool in the hot sun, inside was outdoorsman stuff such as guns and fishing reels and other outdoorsman equipment, and I passed by a blue wooden rack stuffed with deep-fat-fried and/or smoked meat things shaped artistically like ducks and turkeys and such. they gave off a subtle meat smell, and my stomach growled a bit when I considered picking up a duck and munching on it, but I remembered my health and thought better, then I looked towards the exit on the other side of the building where I saw some middle-aged brunette woman in summer attire [white blouse and cut-off jean shorts] conversing with a cashier, then I headed towards a side exit glass door which was illuminated by the sun, and upon reaching it I awoke. :?
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