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Reoccurring Dreams throughout my childhood

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Reoccurring Dreams throughout my childhood

Postby bendmems » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:47 am

When I was 10-13 I had reoccurring dreams of being kidnapped or trapped, and I would be on a loop of running away and being caught. Who was trapping me always changed, who I was with always changed, but I was almost always trapped at my home.

From 14-15 I had the classic teeth rotting, falling out, crumbling, and cracking dreams, where my braces would fall off or I would stare into a mirror as my teeth were rotting.

The summer of being 15 I had reoccurring dreams that I had had my freshman biology teacher again for sophomore year, and that he was giving vocabulary words and I couldn't write them fast enough, or something stressful like that.

I haven't had many of them in years, but does anyone know what they mean? I have suspicions but no solid idea.
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