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Re-imbursement ..

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Re-imbursement ..

Postby aussie_musician » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:39 pm

ream From Aug 2 '18:
this starts along griffiths road, in newcastle, going east.
it is daytime.
i'm driving a white van (90's model), when i have to stop at the orlando road traffic lights.
there is a newcastle bus in the lane to my left.
then other vans, which are driven by my colleagues, pull up behind me, and to my right.
as i go past the bus, to stop at the traffic lights, i see some boys in the bus, fighting, or attempting to.
some girls are seated up the back.
it could be a port stephens bus, and not a newcastle bus.
not sure of the time, and i dont know which school they are from.
white shirt is the uniform.
so as i go past, i see them, and the boys see me.
so, i gesture to them with my right fist hitting the inside of my left palm.
and then laugh at them.
then the lights go green.
strangely, despite driving this van, i am actually standing to drive it, but out the front of it, with back to windscreen.
i try to get away from the bus, and the other vans, as fast as i can, but my ability to control a manual vehicle, causes me to get away slowly.
then, in the old southgate supermarket, i'm standing next to a woman, who is a staff member there.
we are near the bread.
she is standing to my right, and side on to me.
she is wearing a plain, short sleeved, shirt, no buttons, navy blue.
she looks a bit like that Karen Teague, from Yesshop, which ceased trading back in 2016 or 2017.
i'm there to collect an order (for bread?) but have collected too many.
so, this woman, using an eftpos scanner device, re-imburses me, into an account, which of course isn't my own personal bank account.
not sure the extra bread was intentional, but really, it didn't have to happen.
surely someone can read an order form correctly so that they don't have to re-imburse.
it was more the hassle of standing there, waiting for her to re-imburse, then having to leave, and wait for her to put the money into the account in person, at the bank branch.
as she re-imburses in to the account via eftpos, the dream ends.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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