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New Job, Toilet, Rats, Snakes

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New Job, Toilet, Rats, Snakes

Postby vickietorian » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:46 am

I have tried looking up symbols to piece this dream together but I am having difficulty with it. I would like to get other's opinion on what this dream means.

A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was working as a nurse in a hospital. (In real life, I am NOT a nurse and I am not employed in a traditional sense---I sell handcrafts.) Although I was a nurse, I was in a room that had three hospital beds and three desks. The beds were for me and the two other people that worked in that office. It was like we were living there dorm style. I did not know one of the women, but the other woman was a lady I "know" from facebook. (She is the only person in the dream that I "know" in real life and I barely have contact with her on facebook.) She had a HUGE mess around her bed with numerous magazines and numerous half drunk and empty soda cans. I was astonished at all the mess around her bed. I was picking up her mess when a supervisor walked in and I told her that is not my bed, I was trying to clean up my friend's space. My friend was sitting in her bed reading a magazine and not helping to clean it up. The supervisor told her she is disappointed in her and that she needs to remember she is not living alone there. I then started moving the furniture around. I wanted my desk near the window. (In real life, I have my desk near the window. I LOVE a lot of natural light.) The room was dim even with the windows open and lights turned on.

Then a man that I was becoming friends with came in and he said that he would help me. He took some files and left the room. He later came back and said he had done the rounds. I wasn't sure what he was talking about. I looked at the files and the main folder had my name on it. It was my assigned patients. I was supposed to be checking on each one throughout my shift. I was unaware that I was responsible for taking care of patients. I was saying that I had only received brief training for a few hours on my first day and that the only things that I was told I needed to do was the reports that came from my office. I said that I know that nurses take care of patients but that since they only showed me the paperwork to do, I assumed that they just wanted me there to do the office work.

I was worried I would be fired when the boss found out that I had not been doing rounds and checking on my patients. The guy told me not to worry. I said that I need to find the supervisor and let her know that I honestly was not aware that this was one of my duties. I walked down a hallway and found two women in a supply room. I told the supervisor that I had spoken to earlier in the dream what I had just found out when this guy was helping me. She said that yes, I am responsible for doing rounds. She showed me where some things were at in the store room. She showed me the refrigerator and the breakfast foods. I asked if I was supposed to be taking breakfast to my patients. She said yes. I became very worried. I told her that my patients had not gotten breakfast for the entire week I had worked there. I was worried that my patients were suffering, going unfed and unattended to. I said to the supervisor that I had told my friend who got the job for me that I was not qualified for this job and she said I should take it anyway. I told the supervisor that I have not had any training or certification to be a nurse. She said to me that I didn't need it and to not worry that I am doing a fine job and that I will quickly pick up on everything I needed to do.

I then found myself in a large room and I was sitting on a long metal table. Suddenly the metal table had a toilet on the end I was sitting on. I was making stinky. A lot of people started coming in the room. I got off the toilet and was in the space behind it and the table kneeling down so that no one would see that I was wiping my behind. Three girls came around there and were looking at me anyway. I asked them to please go to the other side of the table so that I could finish wiping but they would not.

After that, I was in a different crowded room and I was talking to the woman who was the main boss who was over the supervisors and all of the nurses like myself. She was there with her infant child. The child was only wearing a diaper. It needed a diaper change. I said that I would take the baby and change him. (In real life I have a 4 month old grandson but this was not him in the dream.) I took the baby into the room that I was going to the toilet in earlier. A lot of people were still in there. I went over to the long table to change the baby. They did not have a traditional changing table like you see in public. It was a changing pad like people carry in a diaper bag. It was laying on the end of the table adjacent to the one that had the toilet in the end of it. The one with the changing pad looked like a gurney. The one with the toilet in it looked like a storage bin with closed tops and the toilet was in the end part of it.

Anyway, I sat down on the wooden bench that was placed along the back wall to wait my turn to use the changing pad since someone else was currently changing a baby's diaper when I entered. Then I saw mice scurry across the floor and start climbing up the wall to my side and going behind something. I am not sure if it was a cabinet or what. I just saw a space that the mice were going into. The mice frightened me somewhat. I was looking at them and telling the women who were standing near that wall that there are mice going up there. I stood up with my boss's baby and took a couple of steps toward the door. I saw two healthy looking mice and one very thin mouse. I said, "Oh look at this one. He is so thin. I feel sorry for him."

Then I went back to the bench and sat down after the three mice disappeared into the space. Then I heard noise and I looked down and saw small mice and very large ones, possibly rats instead of mice. The large ones looked mean. I stood up and the bench moved away from the wall and I could see many huge black rats under there. They were eating something. I screamed and looked down at the baby in my arms. His diaper was undone because it was my turn to use the changing pad but I slapped the diaper closed on him and ran out of the room with him.

I found myself outside where a lot of people were. It was nice and sunny. Perfect temperature. My boss was walking toward me and was smiling and talking nicely. Then I saw black snakes. One was close to her. I warned her of the snake. Then I saw one on the side of the building coming toward me. It flared out its head like a cobra would although it didn't look like a cobra. I ran over and climbed up onto a picnic table and was sitting on the top of it holding her baby. The snake that was close to my boss was starting to run its head up her legs. She was wearing a skirt. She said not to worry that these snakes won't hurt you. She said they only want to smell you. The snake that was going up around her legs was a larger black snake that had blue spots along the sides of its body but only half way down. From the mid point it was a thinner snake and it was solid black from there down. It was a scary looking snake but it was not biting her but I was truly afraid that it would bite. There was a man sitting on the top of the picnic table beside me. He assured me the snakes would not bite that they really do just want to smell you. Then I felt something on my hand that was resting on the table. It was a smaller black snake that was raising its head up through the crack in the table. I saw its red tongue. They said the snakes would not bite but I knew that they would. It wasn't that I was afraid they might, I knew the snakes WOULD bite.

I jumped down from the table and was hurrying to leave. I went to the crosswalk and had to wait for several people going by and several cars to go by. I spoke to one of the men walking by and I joined in beside him and went across the road with my boss's baby.

Then I was suddenly in the room with the tables, the toilet, and the mice and rats. I was telling the tow women who were standing there near where the mice went into the space that I had had the strangest dream and I started telling them about the dream that I was having. Then I woke up. I don't think it was a lucid dream because I didn't feel as if in reality that I truly knew I was still dreaming when I was telling the women about my dream. I was just dreaming of telling about my dream. The thing that struck me as really odd was that after waking up, I could have sworn that I was feeling a cold metal toilet on my bottom when I was making stinky. I was NOT in need of using the toilet when I awoke but I did feel around in my bed to see if I had accidentally fallen asleep with anything in my bed that would be cold and hard that I would feel if laying on it. Nothing was there. But I felt that toilet. That was very real to me.

I would love to know what others think this dream means. It is very troubling and the memory of the dream will not fade. In reality, I live in my daughter's home with her, her husband, and my three grandchildren. The infant in the dream was not my infant grandson although he was about his age.
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