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Really strange flat

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Really strange flat

Postby G_P » Thu Aug 02, 2018 3:56 am

I had a dream like 3 days ago, I was in a flat in a house with 2 other guys and a girl. The flat was huge and like a mansion no joke. But it felt more like a dorm room in a school. We just relaxed in our room for a while well me and the two other guys, the girl was no where to be seen, but I knew she was part of our flat. It was my turn to go to the super market and get some stuff like toilet paper and milk. I went outside the flat and saw 2 other guys going out of theirs,that was on the opposite side of ours. We talked while going down a staircase. The next thing I knew was, that I'm already arrived at the super market. I grabbed some toilet paper and noticed that I forgot to bring money to me. I was suddently teleported to the flat again, with the girl standing there. She looked annoyed and said she was disapointed in me. She looked intimidating and powerful, like a queen. I had to kneel and to lick her vagina until she was satisfied, I felt a bit submissive at that moment and it felt good. Sometime later, I was walking around the flat and opened the bathroom door. And saw two people I haven't seen bathing together. I closed it and open it again and saw that there is no one there. I did the same thing over and ovet again and noticed that the door leads to the other bathrooms of the house. And thats pretty much.

I'm wondering if this dream means anything.
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DM Lurker
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