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beats the burlap outta me!

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beats the burlap outta me!

Postby abbynormal » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:52 pm

I dreamt I was watching tv, a local entertainment program called "evening magazine," a segment featuring a naked athletic man with pale skin and crew cut, his backside to the camera, standing in the middle of Seattle's Pike Place Market, squatting and crapping out, with a sickening slippery-wet goopy sound, tin pie plates, each ejected forcefully and clattering on the floor, then he sprang up and did a jumping jack then slapped each of his nether-cheeks which jiggled incongruously, then repeated, about 5 times, all the while the evening magazine commentators were making snide comments and an audience all around laughing and giggling and clapping. his last "ejection" was of a cymbal which hit the floor and rang most musically as it rolled away. I was in the kitchen of my late parents' house watching this on the tv they useta have, then I went to the bathroom to do my own constitutional, after which I flushed and the flushing water sprinkled nasty water all over me, and while I was at the sink with washcloth washing it off of me, I heard somebody enter the front door, it seemed to be the naked man on tv, he was calling my [dream] name and said in an effeminate trilling voice, "where are you? I heard from a little bird that you wanted me to come visit you!" I could see through the walls somehow while I was in the bathroom, he was dressed this time in a pink silk suit from head to toe. he went into the kitchen, and then I awoke. :?
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