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Zoomorphosis - human into a dog

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Zoomorphosis - human into a dog

Postby anm235 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:59 pm

I had a dream I was running behind my male friend (who I have strong romantic feelings for) and he was running up some stairs. Then his arms and legs got all disjointed until he became a dog and was running on all fours ahead of me. . It was still him, just in dog form. No specific dog breed. His hands were still his hands and his feet were still his feet but they looked like paws. I was very frightened in the dream but I tried to laugh about it to make him feel better because... well he had just morphed into a dog and I didn’t want him to be scared. So I laughed and said “you’re a dog” and the I could see his tailbone about to grow a tail... then I woke up. Any thoughts?
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