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The Well-Bred Captain of the Japanese Navy

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The Well-Bred Captain of the Japanese Navy

Postby Periwinkle » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:10 am

Last night, I dreamt I was the token woman of a Japanese naval fleet, set in an alternate timeline during the second World War where the Japanese were allied with the US.

Our ship was pretty nice. Strange, though, was that on the outside it looked like a standard naval ship. On the inside, however, it looked kind of dated. Everything was made of wood and the lights remained at a steady dim. Our captain was loved by everyone. He was a constant presence among the men and treated them as his equal. The only thing that really set him apart was his uniform and the sectioned off suite he slept in at night.

After a pretty significant victory, the captain had everyone file into his suite where he planned our next course of action. He decided to dock the ship in the nearest harbor and allow everyone on land for the next few weeks, while the ship received repairs. At some point during the meeting, someone joked the captain should use this time to start getting busy with me, as it was his right as the leader of the group to receive the sole female of the ship. At the time, I had my own group of friends I stuck close to and had started developing feelings for one of them. Once it was announced that the captain was to be my partner, however, that declaration became God.

On the last night on the ship, the captain invited me to his quarters. I expected he would want to sleep with me. Instead, he showed me his suite and asked me what he could do to make it more welcoming to me. He also asked about my hobbies and if there were any we could enjoy together. I mentioned I liked art. He sent some of his men to get those adult coloring books. When they returned, we laid down next to each other on the floor and began to color.

The next day, I wore my most feminine attire for the captain, kissed him goodbye, and went off to land. My best friend in waking life (Mike) was already there, waiting for me. Before we all left, the captain gave each of us special meal tickets to use at any restaurant of our choice. The tickets allowed us what was considered "just the right amount of food," so none of us would fall off the wagon while we were away. We had docked somewhere in Japan and, even though I was part of their navy, I didn't speak their language. Mike insisted he could translate.

We went to a noodle shop shortly after I left the ship. We presented our meal tickets to the waitstaff and they gave us our first course. The meal, itself, was good, but I mainly avoided the side that was given to us. It looked like half of a red onion, dry and with the skin still attached. The manager occasionally checked in on us and he'd ask me why I hadn't touched the side. I tried to nicely tell him that I just wasn't into that specific kind of food. He explained that the reason I wasn't was because I wasn't eating it the "right way." He showed me how to properly eat the side and went on his way. I tried to eat the side again, but it still tasted terrible.

Later, the waitstaff brought over a second course. It was some kind of baked octopus. I enjoyed the second course, but felt like there was something wrong. I asked Mike if this was included in our meal ticket and he figured "it must have," since we hadn't ordered anything else. Then the waitstaff brought even more food. I still felt like there was something wrong and stopped eating. Then the manager came over and asked me why I wasn't touching my food. After some going back-and-forth with my friend, we decided to just ask for the check. Instead of $0, it came to something crazy, like $400.
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