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Working when tornado destroys work

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Working when tornado destroys work

Postby DreamODream » Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:39 pm

I was getting ready to start my new job - I don't know what exactly it was, but I think it was probably some kind of restaurant. There were other people roughly my age working there - they were messing around with a music player to play music in the business.

The business place where my job took place was kind of a mix of indoors and outdoors. My former math teacher was the manager of the business. At first, working was a rough start but then things got better and we made some money. I looked under a table of some sort and saw some of the money we made - which included hundred dollar bills and thousand dollar bills, and a dollar bill labeled the "Final Dollar Bill", which was the supposedly the best dollar bill ever.

Things were going great until a tornado came through and destroyed our business, forcing all of us to go out. I was walking through town with some other people and the manager. My grandma's house was close by, so I decided to go there. Along the way, we stumbled upon some train tracks. A kid riding his bicycle was stopped on the train tracks, when a train came up behind him. The train stopped right behind the kid, and the kid moved out of the way. The train then said/implied that it wouldn't move until I crossed the tracks. After I did that, I made it to my grandma's house.
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