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I feel like my late grandfather is talking to me

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:09 pm
by ellekys
Hello there.
I had an odd dream last night. Many events lead up to the weird part, for example having my prom at a shopping centre and watching two people get it on with my friends. The main event started afterwards, at a retro milkshake diner sort of thing. Like out grease? I went there with my group of friends that I went to prom with. There was a fireplace there and we asked to take it apart, as we believed my granddad's will would be behind there. Once we took it away, there was something like a car boot behind it, bright red. In the boot, there was a folded suit and 3 clean coins, almost like collectors. I don't really remember what happened afterwards but I told my dad about the dream I had. He told me that my grandad's first car was bright red and even showed me the make, which was very similar. The odd thing is that I never knew this, my dad had never told me about the car. We tried to come up with what it all meant, my mother, father and I. We guessed that the 3 coins were symbols of my granddads 3 children, my aunt, uncle and dad. The suit was the suit we buried him in, which was going to also be the suit that he was to marry his fiancee in.

I got pretty scared when my dad told me about the car, as I don't know how I could've known that. Can I see into the future? Is my granddad trying to tell me something? Please help.