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Flicking Maltesers ..

PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:13 pm
by aussie_musician
Dream From June 27 '18:
the location is the westdale house.
initially i am standing in the dining room area, with my back to the kitchen table and the back sliding door.
and not that i can see it, but i am facing the front window.
as for the time, being day or night, not really sure of that.
as i stand there, i see some folks from church, lying on the floor, on their right sides.
but their heads are lifted up off the floor with their right arm, reclining.
their legs in are the floor, as though they are in a pool.
as i see it, they are all in a line, behind each other.
my old bedroom wall, and the hallway is to my right, behind them.
there are about 10 people, maybe more, who i see.
and then i step over to my left, and into the living room area, towards the driveway wall, sit down on the floor and cross my legs.
the wall is now behind me, and they are now in front of me.
the hallway is now to my right, at about a 60 or 70 degree angle.
not all of these people though are from church.
and they are about 1 metre from me.
just in front of me, or just to my right, is a woman, whose name is rach b.
she is wearing a brown jumper.
to her left, being my right, is mark t.
to his left, and again to my right is another person.
unfortunately, i'm not sure who this third person.
as for everyone else, i have no idea.
and then something strange happens.
well, it seems strange.
there is front of me, appears some malteser chocolates.
and, as with marbles, i flick one to rach (using my middle finger and thumb of right hand).
i send it to her, steadily.
then i flick one to mark, but a bit too fast.
but i don't flick one to the person to his left.
these people look funny, being on their right hand sides, and lying behind each other in a row.
and i ask rach, and mark, a question each.
not sure what the question is.
then i flick another malteser to them.
for rach, i do so steadily, and for mark, a tad too quick.
and ask them another question.
and again, i'm not sure of the question.
and this may happen again, for a third and final time.
then the dream ends.
as for it being day or night, i'm not sure, because the living room light doesn't seem to be on, and the front window blinds (to my left), don't seem to be open.
or they are open, but not enough to let any light in.
and, i'm not sure its in this dream, or as its own dream, that i may ask about star wars and luke skywalker.
that maybe about a new star wars movie, but i'm not sure what that is about.

any questions .. comments or queries ???