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Old enough to see the patterns in my dreams

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Old enough to see the patterns in my dreams

Postby whereto00 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:14 pm

I have not been on this website in years! I used to post regularly when I was in Middle and High School.

For about ten years now I have had a recurring dreams that have cruise ships in them. It is the weirdest thing. They only every show up in nightmares and i had them before and after I went on an actual cruise. There is almost always some sort of damage to the ship or heavy waves tossing it around. It is weird being old enough now where I have a decent time period of well established patterns. Dreams I have where my childhood house is involved, the house is always three lots down than where it actually was. The house only shows up in nightmares as well. Same thing with a 60's model red truck. There is always a group of three white men in the red truck and they are all dressed in farm type clothes and they always wanted to cut me with a knife or kill a character in my dream. When I was younger they were always after a teen-aged black boy whom I was in love with (and whom did not exist in my waking life), now when I have that dream they are just after me. I have also began to gain more control over the direction of my dreams, however, I don't like this as I feel it takes away from the dream. When I was younger I would have terrible nightmares and I could never change what was happening. Now when the dream starts to get bad I stop or block whatever is about to happen. It is not that I like them, but, there was something more pure about my dreams when I couldn't control them.
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Re: Old enough to see the patterns in my dreams

Postby aussie_musician » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:18 pm

so what age are you now ???
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