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Coming to terms with what I want?

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Coming to terms with what I want?

Postby kierano » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:01 pm

Some backstory here...

I have just finished a music degree I have been working studying for the last 3 years. Whilst I love music and playing my guitar and have progressed so much, I feel like I'm starting to burn out. Along with this, after receiving a very disappointing grade and harsh/ unnecessary criticism for a performance assessment that I was so dedicated to nailing... I'm very demotivated and feel like I need to take a break.

So, the dream...

I had a dream last night, where I was with my dad and he was giving me a lift back to our house. He was proud of me for getting my first paid gig, and was asking me about my plans now that I'm permanently home from university. That's when I dropped the "bomb".

"I'm actually thinking of taking a break from looking to perform, and from music"

My dad turned to me shocked.

"What do you mean?"

"I guess I just want to get a small, stable part time job for a bit, to earn some money, buy games and other stuff and take it easy... I'm still going to practice guitar like crazy, that's not stopping, but I want to give it some time".

And that was pretty much it! Short...

My thoughts...

I feel like my dream is just reinforcing the subconscious decision I have been making over the last few weeks, that has slowly became a very conscious decision that I regularly think about. Maybe it is just that obvious, but it'll be interesting to hear how other people may perceive this.

Thank you for reading. :)
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