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dreams of unearthly storms(interpretation neded)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:50 pm
by ma3a
the other night I remember in my dream I was in a school I used to go to when it was canceled due to inclement weather... except these storms looked like nothing I had ever seen... think of the darkest clouds you have ever seen... these were darker... almost pure black in some spots, lightning arced across the sky constantly lighting up the whole sky in red, green, and purple it was to be honest some stranger things level shit, thunder rumbled almost constantly making the car I was riding home in shake... but the weirdest thing was the fact that this storm was accompanied by aurora... bands of green, blue, and yellow light rippled across the sky rapidly... as far as I was concerned in my dream it looked like the end of the world had come... as I got home I had to get my 3 cats inside which I did... and that's when I woke up...… now I have no goddamn clue if this dream can be interpreted as anything meaningful... but I remembered it well enough that I deemed it to be of importance for some reason... any possible interpretation would be helpful... mind you I am just getting over a nasty cold so the sickness could have had something to do with it