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giving birth, kittens ,placenta and 2 dimension world

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giving birth, kittens ,placenta and 2 dimension world

Postby mib1224 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:20 pm

I'm 45 have kids already and grandchild not sure what this dream is all about...........
In my dream it seems I'm making out (and I'm the male) as i stand up i saw some brownish water on the bed and i heard a voice it"s time and all of a sudden I'm the only one in the house and i gave birth to a boy someone handed a baby bottle to me to feed the baby but i refuse and did breastfeeding as I was doing it the milk from my nipple starts gushing out and I have to cover my breast. Then i realize I'm not done giving birth and I went in the restroom and sat at the toilet seat I remember pushing and then I stand up and saw the placenta in the toilet. Then I went and lay down the bed I saw a cat that seems to be giving birth too as I hold her I realized that she did have 2 litter one white and the other one is Grey. Then some people came and wanted to take me back They looked like soldiers with light brown uniform ( Japanese uniform like) but I cant see their faces and I told them the way I got into their world and they told me i need to go back and show them so we went in the water fall and they need to lay down under water and the current will bring them to the other dimension and they did but I stayed and i went back for the cats the moment we went to the water the mothers cat hairs changes to white as if someone braided her hair and i have have to find her kittens . But when I went in the water fall I hesitated to go to the other side, then I put my hands on the water as I looked down I saw a girl lying down with her eyes closed,with long black wavy hair and she is under water and i just stared at her until I wake up.
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