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Family Affair

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Family Affair

Postby goodmorningcall87 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:51 am

Hello this is my first time asking for help; I usually just analyze my dreams myself. But this dream is all over the place, I have time travel, new love, my parents, my boyfriend, his little brother and his dead wife. OK so here it goes- My boyfriend and I were having a party (IDK) and kids running everywhere, I'm in the kitchen when I feel someone watching me, I look up to see Shon (bf little brother) watching me and he smiles at me as he starts to walk over, he stops right at my side and says "I heard you said that you maybe dated the wrong brother. Is that true?" I look up at him and say "Yes but I said that after I first met you because I thought you were cuter". Shon goes, So you no longer feel that way." Then a jump happens and I open my eyes to see my mom and her telling me to be nice to her guest. I look over and Shon's dead wife is setting beside me looking like she looked when I had first met her. I say," I can't be nice to her when I know how she ends her story. Then Tracy looks at me and says " Stay away from him". I laugh and reply with "Good luck and have Fun" she then stands up and walks out. Another jump, I have no idea where I am but everyone is laying beds watching a movie so I lay down in the empty bed beside me and I feel the strongest arms go around me I don't question who it is, I just curl up to the body behind me. I look up to see my bf looking down at me and that's when I look to see who is holding me and before completely turning around the person gets close to my ear and says," It would appear you still feel that way". I look up at bf and he doesn't look bad, angry, or hurt and then, I see a hand holding his and see Shon's dead wife walking away with my bf. I go to get up but I wake up to my son telling me," Wake up momma". I am scared and confused.
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