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Quest for a cupcin a cave in a desert

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Quest for a cupcin a cave in a desert

Postby formally chris1983 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:31 pm

Wow what an epic dream. It's really muddled. The main part of the dream in going to focus on. I was working in a house for a rich eccentric man (who I know I'm the waking world and was an old boss). It was a call centre. Everyone was moaning about the wage until I told them that it was all funded by this man once I told them that their opinion changed and everyone started having fun. This man (his name is Matt) walked in and saw me he shook my hand to say hi, He held my hand for ages. Anyway I went upstairs and he was putting on a show. A music show. Which involved him putting 2 glass jars with holes in them into a metal bar that he had balancing in his shoulders (like what the fuck) Anyway. Someone (who I know I'm my waking world) goes up and smashed these jars, at that point I accidently knock over a mug, this mug can only be bought at a theme park (apparently), at this point I'm in a desert. I know I can get another mug but it's in a cave filled with lizards and crocodiles etc. I say goodbye to my ex girlfriend and daughter before I set off, but I remember that I need a potion of invisibility so I actually go into a village. The next thing I know it's night time and I'm on The floor with really really heavy bags on me. I'm certain at this point that I'm Paul Daniels (dear magician) I start walking toward the cave I mentioned earlier, I barely get out of the gate of this village and I can see lions everywhere and I'm not scared of them but I see a hyena. Running towards me chasing some sort of prey (can't make out what) so I run back into the village, close the gate and start shouting "Hyena attack" at this point I woke up. Therenare lots of other parts to this dream but they are too fuzzy and i think theybwere a different dream and don't connect as well together as these ones
formally chris1983
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