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House intruder with thick hair...

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House intruder with thick hair...

Postby kidlike » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:12 pm

I'm not going to lie. This dream felt like a frustrating cartoon that's trying to be funny and either failing or I'm not getting the joke. :?

In the dream I'm a guy trying to learn how to play a game so I can make some money. I asked a girl to teach me.

As a guy I'm a bit odd, very lanky with a bored expression but people don't notice that, they just notice my hair (which honestly looks normal) and say it's flat... all throughout the dream this happens.

Anyway the girl is teaching me when she panics suddenly because her EX walks in and demands she pay her debt of $498.

Because he was badgering her (and I think I liked her) and threatening to punch me I made him an offer. He could punch me up OR take this $500 bill to cover her debt right here and now. He got to pick only one of those. I think flat hair meant I was the boring type because I made the guy write up a receipt but the girl was happy and I learned how to play the game earning over $400 in just one gaming season so not bad.

When we got home there was a stranger in my apartment. A girl with thick black hair and glasses but something about her reminded me of a cat.

My girl(friend?) and sister loved her almost immediately but she was refusing to give us her name, references or how the hell she got into my house!

Saying she was doing her masters and the uni allocated her to this room I called up her professor... he didn't know her. finally caving in she gave me a reference number and held out on the last two digits playing cute so I kicked her out.

To my horror and annoyance she tried to come in through the window... we must have been on the third of fourth floor so what the hell!!! When she kept trying to break in I pushed her and like a cartoon character the fall from so high up did nothing. People actually took her side. "At least she has beautiful hair, unlike SOMEONE!" "poor thing and she's so cute and soft."

She tried to break in again and I called the police. When she charmed her way out I decided to press charges and get a restraining order. Throughout I was the villain and people couldn't understand why I wouldn't such a cutie with thick hair. SHE'S A STRANGER!!!! :x
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Re: House intruder with thick hair...

Postby Batman » Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:11 am

:lol: It sounds like you were married to the woman...
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