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Postby juls3611 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:26 pm

my dream first started out as a regular day at school. then I noticed my teacher was acting weird. I go to the office with my friend and I have a phone call warning me about something. then a group of soldiers enter shooting everyone, and one of the office lady's opened a secret tunnel to get out. my sister is outside waiting for me. we drive out to a hideout in the forest and my sister drops me and my friend off, then she leaves to get the rest of my family. I hear banging and see in a hole that they came back but the soldiers were there too, and they killed my family. so me and my friend are running through the hideout underground tunnel for miles. finally we reach a later and get out. as we get out I looked around and noticed a whole lot of teens and little kids coming out of a lot of other tunnels and are running. the guards are behind shooting with real bullets not carrying what there aiming at. me and my friend continue running and climbing over walls and fences. then a guard grabs my hand, he's wounded and has a little boy right next to me. he asks me to protect him, and I do. we keep running and I get shot in the arm. climbing the wall was hard but I continued. then I noticed someone was aiming on my friend so I jumped and got shot in the back. I woke up in pain as if I was really shot. my entire body was sore as if I was running all day and it all felt real.
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Re: meaning?

Postby Varzandeh » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:02 am

Shooting means sending bitter messages.Soldiers mean enmity.Running away from someone means you will overcome them but a few sorrows.
Because dreams are received by the Soul not the brain you felt tired and painful.

I want to tell you a reason to know that 5 senses can't understand anything except by the soul,
Have you dreamt you were eating and drinking and had pleasure of that. He said yes. I said: have you dreamt laughing and crying, and strolling in the cities that haven't seen yet but you know the specialties. He said: yes dreamt very much. I said: Have you ever dreamt about your dead brother or father and know them like they are alive.
He said: yes too many times. I said: tell me which sense has received such things to see the dead and talking to them or crying and laughing. He said: I can’t say which one. Because the body is asleep like a dead. I said: tell me when you wake up don’t you remember and report to the friends exactly, He said; yes and sometimes I see that before night in real life. I said; which sense keeps it to remember the dream after waking. He said; there is no way for sense. I said then you should know because senses are vain here that is the soul that God has put wisdom in it and it is a reason. He said; what I dream is like mirage one thinks it is water but when arrive at there is nothing. I said; how do you say it is like mirage and you ate sweets and pickles and were happy and sad he said; because what I dream when I arrive at it is nothing. I said: have you ever had sex in the dream and your hearts beat, have you ever had wet dream about a woman or man. You know him or don’t know He said many times said had you orgasm and when you woke up you were wet then this is not mirage.
He said: dreaming orgasm is just like the real life .I said this is my reason that soul. Knows everything although senses are dead and can’t see or hear .of course you shouldn’t deny that soul in addition of the senses does the knowledge recognition in the waking life . after vanishing the senses has sex with them . it recognizes the things after going senses and now you understand that the soul itself is guiding the senses and is their governor . none of the senses can do anything without soul; if the soul goes ahead , body can’t get back and if soul gets back the body won’t go ahead. with the soul the happiness comes and with it the ache is received. if a sense is damaged the soul is remained but if the soul is damaged senses cannot work properly.
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