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I dreamed of my crush getting beat up!

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I dreamed of my crush getting beat up!

Postby KingXylo » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:05 am

Okay so I have had a crush on this girl ever since the beginning of the school year. I love her so much that I think about her all the time. But I never really had a dream about her.

But tonight, I dreamed of me walking near a park that is across the street from my house, the park has a school next to it, and I was walking at like the backside of the park. And then I see two women getting beat up by 2 men. It turns out the two women were my crush, and her cousin. I didn't know who were the 2 men. But I see the 2 men throwing punches at the 2 girls while they were on the floor. And then I try to get closer to get my crush's attention and try to save them. And then somehow the 2 men were both on the floor and the 2 girls were pinning them on the floor the same way, by holding down their necks. Then just somehow the 2 boys magically got back up again and started hitting them both again, but this time they were all standing. Then the 2 girls pulled away from the boys and the boys kindof tripped. Then the 2 girls ran to the right, into the park. I was there with the boys. I think I asked them "Why did you do this" But they didn't answer and they said to themselves, "Lets go chase them and cut them off." And they run in their direction. I know my way through the area so I run around the block to meet the girls at the other side, to protect them and see my crush. So I run down the street, and enter the park. And then I couldn't find them at all. They like disappeared. But I see my friend and my brother, who were playing at the park. And I just sit there thinking, "Where did they go? I didn't see them run out, where could they be? Are they safe? And the dream ended.

What does this dream mean? Because it is very strange and it is the first time I see my crush in my dream, or probably second. And I remember it very well too.

Thank you!
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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