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Dream Of Sharlinda

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Dream Of Sharlinda

Postby jamesbonddov » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:36 pm

In the dream I travel to New York, I walk down and I see Sharlinda jogging with her kids and an old lady. I walk past and she notices me and comes to me and im surprised when she recognises me and we in to town. She tries to get me a place to sleep so we go to a pub, we meet a doctor she knows and the doctor sees how I look at her and calls me a cheeseball. We leave the pub and Sharlinda says I can stay at her place, then we go to her neighbourhood and I tell her how homes in America are so much bigger than in the UK. I tell her most homes are considered apartments and most American homes are much bigger than in the UK. We enter her house and I see the doctor who says to me she just came to have dinner with the family and nothing more. I introduce myself and sit down for dinner. Her husband comes and says ''who is this''. I say ''hi i'm David'' and shake his hand, dream ends.
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