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egyptian myths? strange place

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egyptian myths? strange place

Postby catsinthebag » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:05 pm

So this morning I woke up and after realizing the dream I had I sat right up in bed and started writing it down.

A good detail before getting into what I actually remember feeling while inside the dream -
- I am not well informed on Egyptian mythology, so if you can help me sort out any of that, go for it.
I read a bunch of stuff today on the different possible associations, but was still pretty stumped afterwards,
so I figured I'd post it on here before trying to make any sense out of it. I'll write what I found at the end to avoid
muddling the interpretation for you.

The first detail I remember is that the location was some kind of secret place. It was quiet, and deserted(for the most part as you'll see).
The whole structure was situated on top of sand, and flat. The sand around the building was flat, too. The walls were stone like, or maybe
earthen, and a pale yellow, just like the sand. It was distinctly Egyptian in my mind, but I know that's possibly a generalization, there are
probably many possible cultural associations.

I was with others, but yet I only remember seeing one person actually physically with me throughout the dream,
and I don't remember their name, just that they had very dark skin, and that they weren't wearing normal clothes.
They had no shirt, and I vaguely remember them just having some type of cloth around their waist? I'm also pretty sure he was male. He
felt...like a brother? Or maybe like a warrior-brother.

The place felt like a temple. It had rooms that were open(outdoor) connected to rooms that were closed(indoor) and the path was not
linear, so I remember turning corners and being inside and then outside. There were dangers, but they weren't animals or people, just
traps, or at least they felt like traps. I remember feeling like me and the others' purpose was to see a woman, but also to find a
figurine of a woman. I remember the image in my mind of my goal, and of her being absolutely stunningly beautiful, and hypnotizing.
Funny thing about the turning path was that there were many sections separated only by a stone border that barely stuck out of the
sand, but we could not pass over them to get to our goal faster because it was dangerous to do so. So we had to navigate through these
connecting doors and passages. There were also guardian type statues here and there, both people and animals.

The most distinct part I remember is when me and my buddy started entering one of the rooms. It was a darker room, and he entered first.
For some reason we became separated, and I think a door closed, and I knew that we were 'caught.' I ran as fast as I could, through the
passages and over the stone borders(the ones I couldn't step over before) trying to escape, but I heard someone chasing me. When I looked
behind, I saw that one of the stone statues had come to life and was pounding after me, with a large club in it's hand. The statue was dressed
similarly to my buddy, with a cloth around his waist, and it had several straps over his shoulders that held a bag and some other stuff I
don't remember clearly. It had a heavy build, with a big belly, and kind of a chubby face. It caught up to me quickly, though, and struck
me over the head, after which I woke up. When I woke up and began writing, I also had the epiphany that I was a cat in the dream, and
that I had once belonged to the woman/figurine entity, or that I had once lived a life where I was a cat that belonged to her.

Here's what I wrote right when I woke up.

Built on sand, but not old looking. Intricate and dense, with a decent turning path through the whole thing. Walls, and rooms, and statues. Some inside, some outside. Stone statues peppered throughout. I was with others, and I had feelings that suggested I had been there before with them, and that I had returned to finish the job in order to get to see a goddess, one that we were all mesmerized by. I keep thinking nefertiti, or nefertari? but it’s possible I was just trying to associate with what I knew of egyptian mythology. She was beautiful, hypnotizing. I think it may have also been a figurine we were all trying to find. Something happened, my mate was trapped, and I speed out through an open passageway, cutting through crossing paths and previous sections. A stone guardian came to life and began to chase me. Seemed older. Had a club in his hand. Knocked me out once it caught up to me running. I keep seeing red jewels in my mind.

After looking up images of feminine figures with egyptian associations, I came across a few different images that really resonated:

Isis - The imagery for her really clicked for some reason, and I know that Isis, hathor, bastet, and sekhmet are all kind of blended together eventually as time passed, but
the name for some reason really clicked.
Hathor - not as strong, but still resonated
Bastet - got a weird feeling when I read about bastet being the 'heart of isis'

Anyways, that's it! Hope you can help! I do dream interpretations too, so if you want help with yours just gimme a shout. Newbie on dreammoods, but not with dreams.

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DM Lurker
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