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Running away from Eminem in Whole Foods parking lot

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Running away from Eminem in Whole Foods parking lot

Postby WGM222 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:57 pm

Yes, my dream starts out with me in the Whole Foods parking lot running away from the rapper, Eminem, as the title says. I was on foot and he was driving so i continued to evade him running in and around parked cars in the lot. I also had a bazooka which was hard to aim and once i realized there was no ammo, Eminem got out of his car and said something about a gun. The second i heard this i ran away to find an open getaway car the lot. The first car i tried was a silver sedan which was locked. The second car i saw was a little white BMW Z4 which was also locked. I then spotted a white Ferrari towards the back of the lot on the side of the store and ran towards it. As i got closer, two people were getting out. I reluctantly pushed the man out of the way and hopped in the drivers seat. I live in the U.S., although the stearing wheel was on the right hand side and it was also manual stick. I do know basically how to drive stick, but am not very experienced and somehow was able to pick up driving stick in this sports car in a matter of a few seconds. I started to make my getaway as I was now on a neighborhood street but as i checked my rearview mirror, i spotted a blacked out Dodge Charger police car. I thought about taking off but chose against it and did a cool 90 degree turn to a screeching stop and jumped out with my hands up.

I woke up early in the morning and recorded the above dream. i also had another dream the same night where I was at a more gloomy version of the restaraunt i work at and i was complaining that i was overcharged on a bill from Hoilihans. The credit card slip i had in my hands read $39 and the tip read $6.

Any insights or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Part Time Dreamer
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