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80s, army, modern POTUS

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80s, army, modern POTUS

Postby abbynormal » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:39 pm

i dreamt i was back in the army, as it and i were in the early 80s. but i was my present self with my present knowledge, but somehow The Dotard was POTUS then instead of Ronnie Raygun. The Dotard invited my army unit over to the white house, where we sat on the lawn in front of the oval office, and watched a movie on a giant outdoor screen that was displaying a mélange of scenes from "The Partridge Family," "East of Eden," "Rebel without a cause" and "North by northwest" [specifically the scene where the airplane was diving at Cary Grant's character, trying to kill him]. while The Dotard bounded in and out of the oval office with some military officers and secret service, the on-screen scenes played from the movies and intermingled with one another, with a long-haired James Dean [from "East of Eden" and "Rebel without a cause" took David Cassidy's place in "The Partridge Family" while David Cassidy played Dean's part in those two movies, with his hair trimmed closer to 1950s style [but with a DA in "Rebel"]. in the "North by northwest" sequence i was in the movie itself, in Cary Grant's place when he was getting terrorized by the airplane but unlike the movie, the airplane just took off after one pass, going from west to east at crop-dusting altitude. i caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror on several occasions, i looked totally different than i did/do in waking life, i looked like a stereotypically taut and slender rock star, with pale skin, black eyes, and jet-black long hair all the way down my back, no military uniform [nobody in my army unit was wearing a uniform], coarse-threaded peasant shirt and pants, barefoot. my hair was a quasi-afro, very tangled as i ran my hair through it, and was getting thicker and afro-ey more and more as time went on, and i'd heard rumblings from my fellow soldiers that The Dotard was looking for GIs to burn and make examples of, so knowing that long afro hair in the amuuurican army was a strict no-no, i set about sneaking out of the movie and going back to my barracks room at the fort, to chop it off somehow, but i went into my barracks quarters and discovered to my amazement that they were all transformed into 4 star hotel accommodations with a huge California king-sized bed [with a sparkling burgundy/robin's egg blue/silver colored thread quasi-medieval pattern on it], and a high-end stereo system consisting of 4 huge rectangular speakers [but when i examined the speakers they had just holes in front instead of speaker diaphragms], but as i walked around in amazement, they still put out the purest surround sound i'd ever heard, playing a mix of announcements with voices coming from all over, and Partridge family songs [including a Christmas number] mixed with some Bobby Sherman and other 60s/70s heartthrobs. then as soon as i sat down on the bed and tried to figure out what to do, the door opened and it was a barracks mate i didn't know i had, and the room suddenly turned into standard multi-bunk army barracks of back in the day. he wasn't wearing any military uniform also [wearing a gray sweat suit top and jeans], and his [dark brown] hair was longer by far than regulation allowed, but i asked him if he would cut my hair, and he said that he would, then we started talking about something else at which point i awoke.
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