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(bathroom stalls and) More dreams about ice cream

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(bathroom stalls and) More dreams about ice cream

Postby DanseControl » Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:08 am

I think that I was in an office building. I remember walking by a room. The door was open and there was a well dressed, 30 year old man sitting at his desk. I think that he was wearing a vibrant deep blue dress shirt with a stripped yellow and tan tie. He looked similar to a man that I used to have sexual relations with. He looked up at me and had an angry, stressed look on his face. I got the message from him and kept on walking. I ended up in a bathroom with four blue stalls. the bathroom was clean and I had no urge to go. My boyfriend came in and told me to hide. I hid in the first stall and he went to the big, handicap stall on the other end and hid. There was a laminated piece of paper on the handicap stall but i cant remember what it said. I think it might have had a number on it. It felt like we were in a video game and we were trying to survive. I remember just standing there in the stall in silence until it was over and we won.

Then it was night time and I was walking into my grandparents cabin. My mother, sister and niece were all there even though I did not see my niece. I saw the back of my sister. She was standing in a confrontational stance. She had her winter coat on. Her and mom were arguing about different types of ice cream. (i have had many dreams about ice cream lately)
I told my mom that I talked to My boyfriend on the phone and that he and my grandfather were driving there together and should be here soon. When they got there it started to rain and my grandpa was trying to shovel the cement steps away and couldnt figure out why it wasnt working.
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Re: (bathroom stalls and) More dreams about ice cream

Postby Periwinkle » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:24 pm

I guess what I first recognize is the color scheme of the man in the suit. At the end of the day, the meanings of these colors depend on your own associations with them. Blue is a calming color. It also signifies knowledge and truth. Yellow also signifies knowledge and is often considered a happy color. The man in your dream wears the appearance of being tranquil, knowledgeable, and happy, but you see through it. There is empathy there. But not everyone who needs help necessarily wants to be helped and so he rejects you.

The impression I get from the bathroom stalls you and your boyfriend picked signify how you and your boyfriend get on in life. Why do you think your boyfriend picked the handicap stall? Do you think your boyfriend holds himself back in some way, or that he needs more space to function than other people? Does he have some sort of handicap in waking life?

The time of day you were at your grandparents' cabin suggests, to me, the end of something. What are your own associations with the cabin? Were you happy when you were at the cabin, or was it the setting of some kind of conflict? Your sister wearing the coat seems to parallel the man in the suit. Coats are made for warmth and protection, so your sister wears the coat as she argues with your mother. The rain suggests a washing away of something. Whatever situation this dream is talking about, you're trying to look at it from a place of wisdom gained through past experiences. This scenario, however, is unique to how you have addressed your problems in the past. It's going to require a new way of thinking.
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Re: (bathroom stalls and) More dreams about ice cream

Postby Varzandeh » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:19 pm

As the title implies, bathroom means a money matter and chewing gums means arguments for money is on the way.
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