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My scary dreams -- tired of them -- Please HELP

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:59 pm
by trader
before telling about my dreams, I would like to say something about my dreams in general. As I have already said in my last post, I see many foretelling dreams. And worse part is almost all of my dreams are scary. I am scared of snakes and I dream a lot about snakes. Apart from this, there are many other scary dreams as well. So much, that I am getting tired now. Why me? What does God want to convey to me? How can I stop these scary dreams, and my life also has been like a scary dream with failures, deception, accidents, frustration,adiction and whatnot. But now since past few years, I am out of all the negative things in life and trying to put my life straight and working hard.Can someone please explain why do I see scary dreams and how can they be stopped? I am tired and I am scared.

And now coming back to the topic of my 2 last dreams. First dream here is the one I saw last night and the second one is the one I saw couple of days ago.

1)My elder brother passed away couple of years ago because of a brain stroke. I quit my job and stayed in the hospital to look after him, even though he had wronged me in many ways. After he was discharged and came home, things turned sour between us for some reasons.Last night I saw this dream:
We both were on top of a small hillock -- may be only some 50 feet high. In front of us,There was a kind of 90 degrees drop like a wall and then again there was some plain land and after that again the slope continued. Suddenly I saw my brother on that plain which was at lower level than me as I was still on the top, and he suddenly fell on his back and hit the back of his head on the ground, while holding it with his one hand. I got scared -- I thought already he has had a brain stroke and how will he survive this? Then suddenly there was like an avlanche of rubble -- small stones and all - that dragged him on the slope that started from the plain. I went on that plain to save him but he was being dragged down very fast. And to my surprise when he stopped some 30-40 feet down, he got up and stood still with the rubble covering him till his waist. What was scary was that he did not have any emotion on his face - neither any in his eyes. Then there were 2-3 people who looked like laborers working in farm who were some 20 feet away from him. I started waiving at them frantically and pointed in his direction denoting that they save him. But what these people did was they signalled me to go back -- and it was as if he didnt exist for them. They didnt even look at him even though he was close to them. I thought why are they signalling me to go away? Then I guessed that may be the hillock is going to slide and they are asking me to save myself. So I tried to climb that 5 feet high wall like structure to take me to the top of the hillock, but I soon realised that I cant do it. So I gave up and for a moment thought what have I gotten myself into? Will I come out of this alive? And at this point my dream (nightmare I would say) ended and I woke up. This happened between 12.30 - 12.40 in the night.
What would this mean?

2) Some 2-3 days ago I saw a dream of snakes. There was a snake in my neighbours window. I started calling him out but no one responded even though the dorr was open. Then I thought my neighbour has 2 kids, so I must sit here and tell him about it when he comes. After some time I came back home. My wife asked me why I was sitting in front of their house and I told her. Now in real life, I am scared of snakes and dont even allow the doors to be kept open because of it. SO my wife said, dont put your ideas into others head. Then we were sleeping and I saw the same big snake between the gap in between the wall and plywood ceiling. I showed it to her. Then after some time we heard some footsteps on the ceiling and one snake started coming down from other end of celing. My dad and mom were sleeping in the next room and I thought better not to disturb them.(Actually my dad has passed away many years ago, but in dream I thought he is sleeping in the other room).I made my wife and son stand on the bed so that they wont be on the floor if snake came down and i started throwing some things at the snake, hoping it would go back. But the snake came down anyway and it wasnt the big snake we had seen earlier, but a smaller one. SO I shouted to my wife that that snake has an entire family in our ceiling, and looked at my son, and he was also scared. My dream ended here.

Re: My scary dreams -- tired of them -- Please HELP

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:27 am
by trader
Anybody please?

Re: My scary dreams -- tired of them -- Please HELP

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:50 am
by Varzandeh
Scary dreams usually have a good interpretation or at least they are warnings for something and there are ways out of the problem.Usually when you are scared of something for example from a slope you keep away...
For example a snake is interpreted as an enemy apparently friend, so, you can guess the situation before hand. etc.. waiting for your other scary dreams to see what is in them.
In your first dream he fell and hit his hand means the same brain stroke which he had before and a trauma later.The workers means an argument and fight at home because he was not aware or completely conscious.
The laborer signaled you to keep away...

Re: My scary dreams -- tired of them -- Please HELP

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:54 am
by trader
Thank you varzandeh.