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This symbols may have some meaning... but what?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:56 am
by Inesfurtado
Hello everyone,

I've searched the dreammoods dictionary but I could not find the meaning to this complex dream scenarios:

1. What does a baby being born in an aeroport means?

2. What does it mean a with dog circulating in a high-way between a bunch of accidented cars?

Thank you for your help and sorry about some miss-spelling in english.

InĂªs Furtado

Re: This symbols may have some meaning... but what?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:07 pm
by Sheena
1. Airport is a transitional space, for passing thru. Impermanence; you don't reside there.
Baby is new life, a new form of personal wholeness. That applies to the dreamer.
Alternately, an airport is a terminal. Something is new and immediately over.
2. A car pile-up? A dog walking around? Dogs represent loyalty. The mess of overall destruction may symbolize dreamer's moods or fears. This picture is ambiguous and could refer to lots of things. Just remember that whatever it is it is you.

Re: This symbols may have some meaning... but what?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:14 pm
by Varzandeh
A plane means a work place,
A baby girl means a happiness over there on the way.
A baby boy means a sorrow.
If the gender of the baby was not known means an unexpected benefit at work is on the way.
A dog means a kind friend or BF who will act as an enemy
The cars are the works... accidents means business meetings.

Dream language interpretation is an ancient science of allusions and pointing of the surrounded environment, as Mr. Einstein has said the events are like train stations which exist and we are moving towards them, these are prewritten destiny with some authority ( in decision making seconds) in very full details. This dream language should be translated, and interesting to know it is international and common for all human beings. But ignorance causes some misunderstanings.People were not aware of this language and always thought in a bad way , for example Mr. Freud said about sexual dreams it is because you have suppressed your sexual desires so misled everybody and some women dreamt about having sex with co-workers or another and thought they should do that, while it only meant he will do something for her, or some others dreamt had sex with the same sex and invented homosexual, while it meant the same ,Also some men dreamt his wife had sex with a man and didn't understand or a woman dreamt her partner had sex with a woman and didn't' understand ...etc.Do you see what catastrophes are caused by misunderstanding a language. About the approximate interpretation time table: Dreams at noon or exactly at midnight( In the summer time 13 at noon and 1 midnight else at 12)in the same day if past a few minutes, a few days later. Dreams at 10-11 in the morning in 15-30 days later. Also dreams at 3-4 in the evening in 1-2 months .Dreams in the sunset mostly are not truthful and are messed, they have no interpretations, Dreams at 4-5 in the morning in a few days to 2 months some dreams in the holy books( Josef dream of kneeling the sun and the moon and 11 stars)was interpreted after 20 years and other dreams of the Pharaoh's prisoners interpreted in the same day and after 7 years. Dream of Pharaoh about the 7 thin cows and 7 fat cows interpreted from the next year to 14 years. Also dreams in 6th of the month will interpret after 1-2 days, in 9th at the same day, in 10th after 20 days, in 13th after 9 days in 14th after 26 days and in 15th after 3 days, in 16th after 2 days and in 28th ,29th ,30th in the same day, but these are solar (Persian months and you should refer to a calendar or convert them) . Of course there are different kinds of dreams , like messy dreams which have no interpretations or deja vu dreams, or psychological dreams or dreams which are caused by bad food or drinks.

1- Principles of the dreams, by Daniel the prophet (562-604 B.C) Peace be on him.
2-Divisions of the dreams, by Imam Sadeq peace be on him ( 663-728 A.C).
3- Generals of the dreams, by Mohammad ibn Syrin ( 690 A.C).
4- Guides in the dreams , by Jaber ibn Hay'an( Father of the new chemistry)
5- Interpretations, by Ibn Ash'as ( 840 A.C).
6- Complete interpretations, by Habish Teflisi ( 1180 A.C).
7- Treasures of the dreams( Al Ma'moni) by Abd al Salam ( 963 A.C).
Good luck.

Re: This symbols may have some meaning... but what?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:25 pm
by aussie_musician
can you give more description for each dream ???

Re: This symbols may have some meaning... but what?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:41 am
by Sheena
Anyone else.

Re: This symbols may have some meaning... but what?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:58 am
by Inesfurtado
Thank you to all that replied!