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Recurring Dream Similar themes

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Recurring Dream Similar themes

Postby tony991 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:45 am

Several months ago i would have dreams about highschool friends and peers almost every night for a month and was getting disturbing. Eventually i spent time with some close friends and they wore off but by nature I'm more introverted and enjoy being alone than anything else as no one really understands me and i prefer spending time with friends only once in a while because otherwise i feel like i am forcing myself into their world and have nothing to talk about or things that do not interest me or no longer serve me because i don't use facebook or interact in every social thing like they do as i find all of that stuff nonsense and waste of time. I rather enjoy reading books, spending time in nature and talking about universal ideas and things compared to people and events as they do. (Sorry for rambling, i just thought this may be important to share)

So last few nights similar dreams of old toxic friends(energy vampires) i recently cut out and other times just old friends or peers from school in general kept showing up and this morning i had this dream where i was at this place sort of like a big hall slowly filling up with people, at first in a big circle one by one more and more would pop up, at the start all looking at me and mostly with familiar faces back from school days, something bad had happened, i think someone had died and i had a feeling i was getting the blame as many times this did happen in school when i had nothing to do with it but was targeted for being myself as usual although in the dream i remained quite calm and more and more familiar faces came and eventually i interacted with them as i have not seen them in a while and some faces even though i didn't remember from those days i did feel like i knew them somehow.

The weird thing is when i did try to interact with people during this dream, my voice wasn't coming out, i could not make any sound. Sometimes a few last words with extra effort would make their way and i would symbol the rest of the words with my hands like i was mute because i could not start or finish sentences properly and i could not release any sound from my mouth 90% of the time. This started to become frustrating because i felt what i was trying to say to those people was important.

Eventually the place which looked at the start like a circular funeral which was filled with more "dark" faces started to fill up with more old faces and peers from my teenage days and school however more colorful now and slowly drifted from a funeral to a celebration and as that was happening i was able to speak more or i as i got my voice back it turned more into a celebration and i was confused as we were all here for something sad yet it all turned into an amazing celebration full of colors, singing, dancing, musical instruments, fireworks, ect... it was something special and then i woke up fairly early in the morning which is unusual.

I understand in ancient times and some tribes still to this day they celebrate deaths because they believe the spirit is free to move onto the next life and i understand and agree with this myself so maybe that is why it was like this for me. Curious what this whole dream meant though? especially the not being able to speak and old faces and the whole theme moving from darkness to light. Thanks
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Re: Recurring Dream Similar themes

Postby operatormike » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:20 am

Dear Tony,

Welcome to dream moods. No need to apologize for the rambling at the beginning. From my point of view, you were sharing some background. This helps me to understand where you are at, which helps me interpret your dream better.

Recurrent dreams or themes point to some issue that you need to deal with. Your issue has to do with interpersonal relationships. Apparently, the old toxic friends that you recently cut out stimulate the same emotions that others in your life have. These emotions are in your unconscious and come out in the dream. While you avoid speaking about people and events like your friends do, you have emotions about such things that you are not dealing with directly and consciously.

The circle of "friends" seems to be a symbol of the person that you allow the public to see and how this part of yourself feels. Eventually, you feel frustrated in your attempts to communicate. You have important feelings and thoughts, but you have blocked these from this public persona, so that you cannot communicate the way you wish. The dark faces are caused by your shutting down emotionally, you shut out these people from your conscious mind, but eventually you find the strength and love to open up yourself, which brings them into the light. You are able to truly see them in full living color. And by sharing yourself with them, you change your deeper emotions from sadness to celebration.'

The dream seem to be a blueprint for the personal growth that you need to go through to become the Tony that you were meant to be.

Death in a dream is often a symbol of the dreamer ending a toxic part of themselves in order to be reborn as healthy, happy, peaceful and loving person. At least that is the goal.

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