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Reoccurring theme

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Reoccurring theme

Postby nekoshema » Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:35 am

Hi, so I have these reoccurring dreams and they all have the same theme to them, I'm in a building, I find a hidden door and upon entering it I'm in this giant world of staircases, hallways, and door. I wind up getting lost and panic because I need to be somewhere. With each dream I get a little better at mapping it out, but I never get where I'm meant to be. [typing it out part of it seems pretty obvious but if someone could give me their opinion it would really help]

The one I had last night I am waiting on a train platform, a train pulls up and I get on the train with a little girl named Scout. While sitting at the window watching the trees go by [its a sunny day] I get up to walk around and entering a door I'm suddenly in a giant building [kind of like the estate from downton abby but it's also a museum] I enter one large room and it's this Victorian display with live actors, I close it and go up some stairs and start opening doors and peering inside but never really go on [some have 4 steps before the door I run up, peak in, close and run back down] eventually I make my way up a long flight of stairs to a door, I open it and there are people dressed as dolls and toy soldiers acting out a play in a giant library like room [with Christmas decoration everywhere. I should note I don't celebrate Christmas but idk if that's important] my mom, sister, and grandparents are watching. While I'm close with my sister I haven't seen my mom or grandparents in 2 years so I wave and say hi and they shush me. I feel like crying but I sit quietly, then this happy dog bounds over [a border collie but this strawberry blond colour and not black and white] and I begin petting her and she's super happy and I'm happy and she's jumping on me, and then my grandparents see me and start scolding me loudly for torturing the dog because it's 7 and therefore frail. I apologize and they take the dog away still scolding me. I continue to sit on the stairs [i haven't entered to room, I watched from behind an open door and the dog come over and snuck through the gaps in the railing] I'm sitting and feel terrible and an old time spinning top rolls over [the ones with the push top] I've always wanted to play with one so I set it up and push the top and... my grandmother yells at me, takes the toy away, shames me ["shame on you nekoshema, stop making a scene and behave like the adult you are"] at which point I snap and am crying and scream about how I hate them and never want to see them again and I run away. My moms chasing after me and I'm running down stairs into a simply lit hallway in the basement trying to find the platform again to get to the train. I enter a dark room with light coming from a window high in the wall [maybe on the ceiling] I sit down on a couch and cry. My mom sits opposite me and we try to talk but this woman comes over who is all "sorry, I'm a painter and I want to paint you two really quick" so she pulls out a brush and places a plastic container over her face [idk it's a dream?] and begins waving the brush in the air, occasionally feeling my face, and telling us it's part of the process. I start talking with the painter and connect a little but my mom concludes she's insane and walks away. I ask the painter how to get back to the train and she tells me I'm already there, I walk up the stairs [now there are stairs to the window] and I come out on the platform. [before you ask no I wasn't reading Alice in Wonderland before bed]

A quick little background with my family, my mom moved to the states to be with her fiancé and can't come back to Canada until the citizenship stuff goes through, my sister lives about an hour away and we do see each other regularly enough. My grandparents... that's complicated. They don't like my fiancé for one thing, and the last time I saw them we had to sit in the living room because there weren't enough seats with the family at the dining table [two short exactly] and then my family began making jokes about myself and my fiancé and when I told them to stop they told me they never wanted to see me again until I learn to take a joke like I did before I claimed I had depression because they're tired of being told I'm sad when it's just a joke. [sorry for the downer but it's probably why my grandparents hate me in the dream, they're like that to me in real life situations. Some of my earliest memories include the line "act your age" and "don't embarrass me" so it doesn't surprise me they would be mad at me for playing with a dog or toys when they've been upset in real life for those same reasons]

Other dreams with the same theme include my earliest one where I'm in my childhood home [specifically my fathers mothers house. That's the closest thing to a permanent home I've ever had in my life. It was built my my great grandparents and it will be passed down to me one day] I go into the pantry to grab something and I notice a tiny door behind the flour bin, I go in and I'm in the dark otherworldly place with staircases and platforms with no end in sight. I spend the dream running up and down stairs getting a little more each time. As the dream has progressed I've come to the last plateau with is under a light beam that feels like an attic of sorts but also looks like a treehouse where a boy sits alone [hes aged with me through the years] there's a desk, chair, blankets on the floor, couple toys and books scattered about. We talk for a bit then he tells me to get out quickly because the house is on fire so I run down the stairs navigating through the smoke until I eventually find my way out. The house is on fire, and I make it outside to see the firefighters putting it out. It's also twilight when I make it out.

Another one I'm in a high school and go through a door that locks on the outside and begin exploring doors and stairs and various levels until eventually something tells me to run and I start running back and looking for the way out, always coming to the locked door so I have to find my own way in [like climbing a ledge and breaking a window, or climbing a broken staircase having to jump missing steps and grab a friends hand] I've never "completed" that dream so idk how it's suppose to end, I get to a point in reoccurring dreams where I go "this is a dream, follow me" and I am leading people telling them I've been here before and we need to get to a specific spot quickly so we can try to work through the dream instead of tracing the same steps.
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