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Baja, Cutting Hair, Sunny, Music, Cousin, School Bus, etc

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Baja, Cutting Hair, Sunny, Music, Cousin, School Bus, etc

Postby Prime » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:37 pm

Feb. 3, 2018

- i was with Sunny. we were laying in the bed.. i remember touching with her breasts... if i recall correctly.. i was just touching her breasts but she wanted to do with whole thing and i didnt want to. because of that, she felt disrespected. i think she was rubbing her down there area up against me and i walked away. yeah i was just interested in her breasts, and even then, i was like, i cant believe i even touched them.
- sunny was over my place. it was different though. i liked the lighting. dim lighting. nice and clean house. it was really in the kitchen that i remember. it was in the bedroom and the kitchen. i dont recall the bedroom but i remember being in the bedroom.
- the kitchen was long. rectangular-ish. my kitchen i have now is square.

- then i remember Baja was in this dream as well, maybe Johnny as well.
- Baja was cutting hair in the high school. i remember he cut joe jacksons hair. and i was looking for him about that. not sure if wanted to get a hair cut by him or something about the hair cutting. but he never got his license or nothing, he was just cutting hair. i was like, "man all this time i could have just gone to Baja. thinking about it, he probably feel obligated to cut mine for free.. but i would give him some money though."
- i finally found Baja, and he was much much thinner. he was real thin. i dont remember what he said when i finally found him though.

- i remember some people coming over my house.. she was my cousin in the dream, but she was mixed.. big hair, kinda like Jahiyas
- and some musician was over, he seemed to be famous and we were working on our music. i can still hear what he was singing.. "i sound so different now / i sound so different now / they cant stop me now"
- i guess the people above him wanted him to sound a certain way, but he wanted his own sound, and he found his own sound.. i think he was singing with a guitar.. it was either a guitar or something like a guitar.

- i was on this school bus.. i seemed to be on it throughout the entire dream, different parts sprinkled in.
- i was in the back, one of the last seats, yellow school bus.
- somebody outside stopped the bus for me, it was my cousin, that girl from earlier, mixed, big hair.. so i got off and thats how the dream ended.
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