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tyler, alien invasion, mother, uncle steve, mr bean, etc

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tyler, alien invasion, mother, uncle steve, mr bean, etc

Postby Prime » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:31 pm

Feb. 4, 2018

- i was talking to tyler, might have been via facebook messenger. i think we were talking about an alien invasion in a war.. while talking about the invasion war, i saw the things happening.
- then while talking to tyler, i suddenly heard my mother. idk if she called me or i just heard her, but she was talking to me crying, and told me, "you dont think about me ever." or something like that.

another dream,

- we were about to go on a trip, i dont remember who everybody was, but before we could go, they wanted to show me something, we had to go on a bike ride. bicycle. it was 2 of us here on the bikes, had to go somewhere to show me something.
- my uncle steve was in it... he wanted to show a mr. bean clip.. he was fighting in this clip with a couple people, i think.
- i remember on the bikes i was riding on the right side which is the outside of the sidewalk by the street. That was deliberate, too. the person i was with was making sure i was on the right, the outside by the street.
- there was some girls in this dream i just cant remember, so much i cant remember. cant stand when that happens.

thats all i remember.
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