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defective loo and rotting flesh in the hospital

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defective loo and rotting flesh in the hospital

Postby abbynormal » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:47 am

i dreamt i was back at work in the hospital, only i was totally naked. nobody seemed to mind but there was some confusion as to whether i was supposed to be at work or on what schedule, and i could never find the schedule to find out. so i went to the locker room to use the lavatory, i saw my reflection in a body mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see a fit young man, fine of feature with wavy long brown hair. i went into the lavatory and there was a boy in there at the urinal, that somehow i knew who he was but could not precisely identify him. i went into the private stall to pee, only it was full of trash cans with holes rotted out at the bottom so stuff fell out of them, the toilet was defective and i ended up peeing all over the place and made quite a mess. the boy was chatting with me while this was happening and was aware of the messy situation. then i grabbed some hand towels from a dispenser in the stall and wiped myself off as best i could, then went into the locker room but it turned itself into a large room with picture windows all around, there was a table at one end that had a little segmented shelf or rack on it containing various leftover stuff people neglected to put away, and my right index finger accidently scraped against a grinding wheel and scratched off a layer of skin, and left behind some gritty sandy residue that i kept growing out of the finger as i wiped it away, until the back of my right hand sorta rotted away, with just a dead layer of skin loosely draped over rotten bloody innards that seemed to magnetically attract rubbish, such as old pencils and such, that i kept pulling out of the rotten flesh. there were other people around me in the room who were mildly curious as to what was happening to my right hand. i was wondering about how to bandage the hand, then i awoke. :?
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Re: defective loo and rotting flesh in the hospital

Postby Varzandeh » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:36 am

If one was naked and was working for material world means will have a sorrow.

If was naked and his privy parts were seen a secret of him will reveal or infamy.
Nakedness for honest people means a goodness but for dishonest people means
Your reflection in the mirror means a separation for another woman.

A boy means a sorrow.

Feces and scrapes mean a good amount of money you will spend.

If dreamt his pointing finger was cut means he doesn't say any prayers.
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