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Molestation, Drugs, Prostitutes

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Molestation, Drugs, Prostitutes

Postby Dannisair » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:31 am

Austin is my fiancé. I am 21 and in this dream I was around the age of 5. Would love to know what you all think it means.

I dreamed I was a younger girl. Older than the other kids and was trying to protect them. Eventually Austin came and had me give the kids to their grandparents. Next he took me to a house. We had a huge bag of weed along other illegal things. (Unspecific) Here Austin switched between my father and him, the only part being Austin was my confidence he would protect me. We went into a room where men were counting drugs and poached fish were being bagged. They had a hall to the left with each door covered by a black curtain. On the whiteboard were the girls names and what they could do for how much. I couldn't read the words despite trying my best. He told me to lay in the bed with the men. He promised they would not have sex with me. He rolled a blunt or cigar looking thing watching as I got undressed and slid under the covers. I had on underwear. The guy on my right was slender and tanned with black hair. He immediately began rubbing my side and up to my chest. My dad stood up and went down the hall. I sat up, letting my hair fall along my naked back. I smiled knowing they wanted to touch me and couldn't. A TV was on and I stared intently at it to seem occupied. The man on my left was bagging illegally caught fish in to small bags. I felt bad for the fish. They were orange and each looked different. One specifically would balloon up and the bag would constrict him. None of the fish could turn in the bags. I turned my attention from the TV and with a sad face asked if they could get bigger bags. He laughed at me. He had a knife and moved the chair closer to me. "You're very pretty" he commented looking me up and down. I slunk back into the bed and pulled the covers up to cover myself. I didn't like this man. He smiled down at me then returned to the fish. The tan man on my right was rubbing himself against my thigh while twisting my nipples, not painfully, but I was very uncomfortable. I knew they knew they couldn't have sex with me. But would they? Another body was on my left though I was unsure who. "Have you ever tried a cigarette?" He asked offering it. I knew Austin would not like me smoking cigarettes but I knew these men did not like the answer no. All eyes were on me. I was to little to smoke I knew that. I took it and tried to inhale and blow out. The cigarette was papery thin, delicate in my hand. It didn't seem like the cigarettes I had seen my Mom smoke. I briefly considered if I would smell like cigarettes. If Dad would know. The men laughed as I handed it back. I don't think I did it properly but I don't care. I'm quite happy that I pleased them by smoking. I briefly feel a bit of a high. I see a bright light but it is the ceiling. The men are laughing at me. I stay sitting up, I do not have boobs but a flat chest. My hair is long like now. It comforted me. I could cover myself with my hair. The man on my right turned me and laid me down. I realized what he was doing. I tried to move away as I turned my back to him his hand brushed my butt and down further. I laid back on my back to prevent that touching despite the tingles it sent through my body. "You are so beautiful" he cooed in my ear. My Dad was back smoking and sitting in the chair staring at us with dark eyes glazed over. Austin would protect me. I knew in my mind. Austin would protect me. Austin would never allow this to happen to me. The man on my left was gliding his hand over my body as well. More in a petting manner than the guy on my right who's fingers were pinching and tugging. My Dad began talking to the man bagging fish. They were occupied with business. I wasn't supposed to interrupt. The man on my right was younger than the rest of them. "You are so beautiful. I wish we could keep you" he was rubbing himself against my thigh while kissing my neck. I stared at the ceiling in a mix of emotions. I was excited and scared all at once. I was excited that these powerful men wanted me, that I had power to make them want me. I wasn't like the other girls in the rooms I was special. But I was also afraid. I was afraid of my Dad. I was afraid he would sell me and leave me. I was afraid of the men around me and the awful things I knew they could do to me.
The room was a grey carpet and dark grey comforter on a bed on the ground. There was a small bar type table where the man with fish sat, it was next to the bed. There was a TV by the hallway entrance that was small and sat on a tiny wooden dresser. Next to it on the wall was the white board. The windows were covered in black curtains and down the hall were beautiful women behind black curtains. They were not allowed out. The room was dark yet lit enough to see with the Tv on.
Waking up from this dream I tried to go back to sleep to see what would happen but I was to awake.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Molestation, Drugs, Prostitutes

Postby Sheena » Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:56 pm

The interesting thing to work out is how did Dad become your image for a threat.
Dream of a threat, implication you are guilty and must be punished or do some retribution.
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Dream Guru
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