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Show Choir Competitions and Multiplying Flowers

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Show Choir Competitions and Multiplying Flowers

Postby bethanyannem12 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:40 pm

I had a relatively lengthy dream a week or so ago, and it's been driving me insane.
Some background, I'm a high-school student and I am in show choir, and we have a pretty big competition this spring, so that could be relevant.

Anyway, it started with my show choir being in New York for a big competition. It was early morning, and that day was when we competed, but our director came and told us she had changed our entire show. Our choreographer (we have two in real life, but for some reason only one was there) panicked, but he came up with something rather impressive (and complex.) It was a silk-rope dance, and it was shocking because everyone actually did well, while in reality there are a few that definitely struggle with even our simplest choreography. The next thing I remember is it being night, and we were in a parade of some sort, but we stopped at what looked like a small sports arena, which was apparently where we were to perform. We were wearing our costumes (which are a tad exposing) and it was freezing. We walked past the judges and I heard one say "Ew, blue," (our dresses are blue). As we were walking up a very large staircase to the stage, I realized my hair wasn't curled or in a barrette (which is how our hair is supposed to be for performances). I told our sponsor, and she told me not to worry, that she had an extra barrette, but she never gave it to me.
I don't remember us performing, but apparently we did very well, because in the next part we were all celebrating. We stopped at a strangely large gas station to get snacks, but I only got a bottle of water.
This next part is weirdest, and what I remember most vividly. It has been bugging me the most out of all this dream.
I had taken a few drinks, so there were about 3/4s of the water left in the bottle. When I lifted it to get another drink, I noticed a tiny pink flower. When I went to get it out, it started multiplying. I began to panic, which only made more form. Soon, the bottle was full of the tiny pink flowers and it was overflowing, little flowers falling to the ground. No one around me seemed to notice, so I was left alone to panic and try to clean it up.
All I remember after this is waking up, and being extremely confused.

I'd love it if someone could explain this to me! The flower bit is the part I'm most concerned about, but the whole "hair not being ready" thing was a bit strange too. Thank you!
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