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Had two weird dreams/hallucinations that have lost me

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Had two weird dreams/hallucinations that have lost me

Postby Dingodog » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:03 pm

Hi all first time posting on hear

So ill start with a little about my self. I have had sleep problems for some time now mainly insomnia. I find it hard to sleep an when i do i generally land in a world of absolute weirdness that leaves me kinda confused/head f@ÔéČked when i wake up (takes a little bit to get back to reality if you get me). I generally smoke a lot of cannabis to combat this, when im super stoned its easy for me for me to sleep solid for a few hours and it stops the weird dreams or stops me recalling them. I generally smoke during the day aswell as i find being stoned hides the crappy sluggish feeling i have during the day even when i do sleep. But supply has been short for some time now so i haven't been able to self medicate.

So anyways on to the dream.

Its odd. Involves my decide father (he died about 2 years ago). Im not to sure how it started but i was at his farm an we were going up the back of the property to do something (i dunno what). He jumped in the car an i sat on the bullbar/bumper on the front of the car (just easier to open gates an stuff without having to get in an out of the car) everything was ok for a while untill he started driving directly at a large tree (he was trying to fucking kill me). I jumped of the car an he narrowly managed to stop before hitting the tree then reversed, turned around and tried to run me over. This time he nearly got me but i managed to get behind something (a tree or a big log or rock cant really recall) which he smashed into. I then escaped into the bush/woods for awhile (cant remember much of what i did there but it was tranquil an peaceful) after some time i went back to the house and everything seemed normal (my father wasn't trying to kill me anymore) untill he emerged with a gun and then shot me twice in my big toe (weird huh) then my mother showed and he and her started arguing over something i had apparently done (something i was convinced i didn't do in the first place, they both seemed to think i had done it but were arguing about discrepancys in what they thought i had done and how to deal with it. I was just standing ther dumbfounded that they had even thought i had done whatever its was i had supposedly done, i just know i hadn't done it in the first place even tho i didn't know what it was, if its makes sense). Every time i tried to intervene it made things worse which was more distressing than narrowly being murdered an havind my toe shot off. This is what caused me to jolt awake before trying to doze back off to sleep.

This were i had one of those weird half awake half asleep hallucinations.

Me an my have been split for about a year now and we haven't spoken nor seen each other. When i got kicked out my own house (i lived there long before she came along an when i had to renew my lease i put her on it aswell, biggest mistake of my life) she sold alot of my stuff before i could retrieve it. But anyways on to the dream hallucination

I had arrived at my old house (i think it was to pick up my daughter). I had gone up to front door and it was wide open, nobody was home. I waited out the front for awhile before i got curious an whent in to investigate. All my stuff was back. I remember i was over the moon and decided to grab what i could that was mine. I was walking out from the garage with my arms full of stuff and somebody asked if i would sell them something (cant remember what it was) and i agreed. Then more and more people started coming asking if they could buy this an that. Then people i haven't seen in years started showing up (friends and foe alike). One of whoom was somebody (back in my late teens early twentys i got mixed up in hard drugs an for a brief period i did IV (inject drugs) i use to use drugs with. We went of some were close by and he shot me up with something (cant remember or even knew what). After that things turned into a like a garage sale party. Until somebody wanted to buy something that belonged to my ex (again i cant remember what i just know it was of large importance to her) and i wouldn't sell it it soon became a heated argument and i was getting really stressed out till i snapped out of it an came back to the real world.
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Re: Had two weird dreams/hallucinations that have lost me

Postby operatormike » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:45 am

Hello Dingo,

Some weirdness, I must admit. Let's see if I can sort any of it out for you. About yourself, it would seem that cannabis helps you sleep, but in my way of thinking, what good is a dream if you can't remember it. Seems like you are treating the symptom instead of the cause of your insomnia. Just a thought. Hope you can figure a way to get more sleep. We all need it; for our physical and mental health. A CPAP machine helped me. Also, I have been hitting the sack earlier to get a full nights rest, feeling much better lately.

So, the dream(s). Sorry for the loss of your father. I also lost my own a couple years ago. When we dream of a deceased relative, I always consider that it might be an actual visitation. In your case, my feeling is no. Rather this is your symbolic father. So what does it mean, him trying to smash you with the car and shoot you in the big toe? Both the car and your toe are ways for you to get around. He seems to have some issue with you getting around. Perhaps about where you are choosing to go, which could be a hint at where your life is heading. He is your father, so I am assuming he wants what is good for you. To kill you in a dream could be to end a part of yourself that is bad, so that you can become a better person.
Escaping into the bush is you going to a more spiritual place. It would seem the trauma pushed you here, thanks to your dream father. This got you back to your normal self, symbolized by being back at the house.
It seems to me that the conflict that you watched between your mother and father is an internal conflict of your own. On one level at least it is a conflict between your masculine and feminine sides, that is between your aggressive nature and your nurturing, gentle nature. And something they are convinced you have done, but you are sure that you didn't do. Hmmm? Could it be something they know that you have done, but you deny? Even to yourself? Just throwing thoughts out there.

I have to go now. If I get back to this, I will continue. Please respond if you see fit. Anyone else out there want to add on?

Operator Mike
P.S. Welcome to Dream Moods!
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Re: Had two weird dreams/hallucinations that have lost me

Postby Sheena » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:27 pm

Using THC to induce or extend sleep is to use it as an anxiolytic. There are much better methods to managed anxiety.
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