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Strangest time travel dream ever

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Strangest time travel dream ever

Postby LittleLover » Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:52 am

I just woke up from this dream and I can't remember all of it because it was so long. I dreamt that I got thrown back in time to the 1950's and washed up on a beach near a military base in the USA (I'm from the UK). On the beach was a squad of troops practising drill and I noticed that they were all men. Next, I was in an apartment or house, standing in the front doorway and on a phone. I was calling up different military bases, leaving different messages or gifts for certain soldiers :? . I looked at the clock and realized that it was 8. Suddenly, the squad of soldiers who'd been on the beach came up to my door (not in formation), following a higher rank officer. The higher rank officer said "You're late, soldier! What do you think you're doing? There's word that you've been stealing technology," then let me join the squad. The other soldiers were all happy to see me, pat me on the back and acted playfully as if they knew me. That was when I realized that when I went back to that time, I replaced one of the soldiers, and because I was wearing masculine clothing, they assumed I was him :lol: .

Next, after getting to know the other soldiers, I got particularly friendly with one of them. He was your stereotypical 1950's bad boy character, but I noticed that he had a lip piercing (in the 1950's? :o ) . I looked at the other soldiers and saw they all had nose piercings or lip piercings. I complimented that one soldier's piercing and without asking me, he took some metal pins and a needle out of a drawer while the commanding officer wasn't looking and proceeded to give me a piercing also. Except, on my chest :? . Luckily, he didn't put it near enough to by boobs to realize that I was a woman and I didn't die of an infection. I was actually really happy with the piercing and was proud of it :cabbagepatch: .

Then, I went with the one soldier guy to this mirror to check out my piercing. I told him how much I loved it and he admired it. We got touchy-feely and ended up kissing each other. He looked horrified that he'd just kissed a man so I pulled him into a bedroom and told him "Don't feel weird, I'm really a woman." and I showed him my boobs. He was shocked and confused so I told him about my time travel. He didn't take it that well but when the other soldiers came back in he didn't out me as being a woman so I guess it was a success.

Then came the trippy part.

The one soldier guy said, "If aliens sent you back in time, you must be afraid of all that Indian spiritual stuff." :? :? and I told him no. Suddenly, one of the other soldiers, wearing a Native American costume ran out and made me jump as a joke. We then proceeded to play together, wearing frickin'
bear suits :rofl: . Becuase I was smaller than all of them, they picked on me a little and I got upset so got out of the bear suit. Then, they all went to the showers and I decided that I was going to reveal to all of them that I was a woman. I followed them into the showers and tried to tear my top off dramatically, which accidentally ripped out my piercing :oops: . I put the reveal on hold and tried to put my piercing back in but kept dropping the pins in the water. I wanted to keep the piercing as a souvineer for when I went back to the future, but I couldn't put it back in :( .
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Re: Strangest time travel dream ever

Postby Gus Who » Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:05 am

Reminds me of A Navajo Indians- ‘windtalkers’ of the Second World War — as a Navajo code talker... and channeling inn ...

:lol: as you had too get the ARITHMETIC code... and talk Turkey .. As costumes go to rituals and baring it all ( Indian used to dress up and dance around to the beating of drums :drumming: :drumming: :drumming: )

:rofl: Yep... that extra 'hole in the head' is a TELL tale
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