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It seems so random

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It seems so random

Postby ChrisPeefeArt » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:55 am

I just woke up from a dream and I'm having trouble putting all of the pieces together because it seems so random and disjointed. I remember coming into a very large house. It seemed old and like it used to be very expensive. It had a lot of really big rooms and most of the place was hardwood. But it was packed with way more beds than were natural. And they weren't good beds, they were just half decent mattresses in the floor. So instead of each of the bedrooms holding one to two beds, they would hold about 10 twin sized mattresses on the floor. I was walking around the house checking everything out. I was surprised to see the way the house was. I felt like I was on vacation and was just expecting to get a tiny room, so first I was surprised by the size of this huge house, but then came to realize that it was because I was going to have to share with a bunch of strangers. I also remember being here with my ex-wife that I have been separated from for several years. I remember finding what looked like an emergency wash station shower upstairs that was running into the floor of this empty home. I had to try to shut this off, but the knobs were messed up. Instead of tightening shut, it would slow down and then keep going until it was running again. I tried to cap it off, but that built up too much pressure so I had slow the water as much as possible and then divert the water flow to a place where it could drain. I remember a truck pulling up with gunners on the back. I tried to attack them with telekinesis, keeping them away from the mounted guns. My ex actually stopped me. Somehow she changed the way things were going and these people that pulled up as a threat ended up being friendly to us. At this time, many other people started moving into this house. People ranged from young adult to middle aged. Most were coming in as single or in very small groups. None of them really seemed to be surprised like I was by this shared home experience. They just settled in and started claiming beds. While the dream did jump around a bit up to this point, right here was a more sizable gap in my memory of the dream. I remember there being things happening at this point, but I can't remember what. I just remember feelings. My ex was being social and getting to know everyone. This sort of gypsy like setting was great for her. She got to socialize with a lot of people. I'm not the social butterfly she is though. I stayed back and stayed quiet as I watched things happen. During this time, there was a young blonde woman that came that really caught my eye. She was simple in appearance, wore plain clothes and had little to no makeup, but I found her very attractive. And her demeanor was gentle and sweet and quiet. I didn't think she really noticed me though. Jump forward a bit and as many of us as possible are packed into a large van that was more like a bus. I think we had driven into town to a marketplace or something, but I only remember being on my way back. I had ended up being right beside this blonde girl I mentioned before. I still couldn't keep my eyes off of her and being this close was great for me though very awkward. I tried to put my arm on the back of the seat for comfort which put it around her. As I was still getting into place, she suddenly kissed me. It was not a long or passionate kiss. It was just a sweet quick peck. I immediately pulled back. Suddenly things were very uncomfortable for me. I felt the need to carefully explain myself. I wanted that to happen, but at the same time I felt that it was not right to let it happen. I am technically still married even though we haven't really been together for years, but I was at this place with the woman that I am still married to. I needed to explain everything to this girl that had caught my attention, but I also felt like I needed to get back to the house and explain to the woman I am still married to about how I had just been kissed. I wanted to pursue this new potential relationship, but didn't really know how to be proper about it and felt like I couldn't even though my ex has been in a relationship for years. That's where the dream ended.
I think the final bits of the dream are about how I feel like it is not right for me to get into a relationship until I can afford to get my divorce even though my ex was on a date the evening after we first discussed getting a divorce. I don't want to live my life by her standard, but at the same time that leaves me a very lonely person. I don't know about the symbolism about the rest of the dream before that though. The big wood house, the crowded rooms, the broken shower, the 30 seconds of the dream where I had telekinesis. It all seems so random and disconnected.
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