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A fight, a new job, a car ride and much much more

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A fight, a new job, a car ride and much much more

Postby formally chris1983 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:38 pm

Just had a very strange dream. I was walking through London showing my Australian friend around we were playing a prank all the buildings were old and delapatated but we were telling him that they were major buildings like the FIFA office and famous horse riding tracks etc. We walk into a pub there is a group of kiwis (New zealenders) one was performing card tricks My other Aussie mate shows him a trick (he does card tricks in the real world). One Kiwi start to get aggreskve but can't fight as he is on bail. Instead of fighting him I show him some moved and how to fight (I am martial arts trained in real life) anyways I join a queue for a machine that gives out mops. The guy in front is drunk but I ask him how do i get a mop. He shows me, I turn around and realise I'm at work but not my day job
Here my job is to mop thick grease off of clothes. I'm trying to find a manager because this is my first day and really I don't have a clue where i should be or where a mop bucket is. I can't find one anywhere, just lots of people. Break time comes around and I'm sitting at a table with friends and decide I hated this work place so we leave and climb Into a car. This is the weird bit. I'm in the back and I'm the foot walls there are 2 Chinese guys and I'm the passenger foot well another. My daughter is in her car seat in the boot facing out. I'm telling my friend who is driving that this is breaking the law. Then I wake up.
formally chris1983
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