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Dreamjournal 10: Scootertest and worldproblems

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Dreamjournal 10: Scootertest and worldproblems

Postby MJG » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:42 pm

Dear forum,

Although I've a drivers license for car already this dream is about getting my scooter license and dealing with some worldproblems. It's a really long story, but I think a really interesting dream.

Theory exam
The dream starts in a train traveling to the west side of Holland. I'm passing some countrysides, some towns and some cities to arrive the other side of the country. At some point I'm switching to a metro and travel on with this public transporter until I reached the 'Cappelse brug' which means I'm close to my ex-girlfriend. I'm traveling to her place and started a conversation with her. After a while I kissed her and took a bike to travel to the driversschool, because of my scootertest.
First of all I was approaching a dyke and went to a bridge to cross it. Now I'm reaching a long street where some other cycling people and some cars passed me. I'm going right at the crossing and I'm taking a shortcut using a small walkway with some mobile homes around it. I passed this walkway and I'm reaching the driverschool now for doing a theory exam, but when I started making my test I accidentally rubbed my ink over the paper. Now I'm frustrated a little bit, because the exam was a really shitty one with 10 really hard questions and now I had to write things all over again. So I really needed more paper. The only problem was that the surveillant didn't want to give me new paper, so I grabbed my backpack and picked out my notepad to pick paper myself, but the surveillant was seeing this as fraud so he torn a part of my notepad so I couldn't use the paper anymore.

It made me really angry so I started a discussion with this guy about being unreasonable by not giving me new paper after my ink issue. I won the argument and he gave me the permission to use the paper from my notepad that was still good. I really used a lot of paper now to write down all my answers so there was a new problem ordering all the answeres. I noticed that I was the last one making the test and I decided to hand it in, but just before that I quickly strikethrough an answer I thought was wrong. When I was done I had to wait for my results and I passed the test.

Practical exam
After passing the theory exam it was time for my practical exam. I took the scooter and I drove back to the crossing place to show some skills. I drove some distance and then I went back to the shortcut again to go to the driversschool again, but now things went wrong. One of the gate doors of the mobile houses were open and I drove against one, after that I drove almost against a woman who was opening her cardoor and then when I went to the right to pass the last caravan the road was all filled with cats and dogs. I used my breaks so I didn't hurt these animals. I was passing the animals really carefully by raising my scooter above my head (not possible at all).
First I passed two dogs so I was affraid that they were protecting the caravan and could bit me, but they didn't do anything. After that I was passing 3 maybe 4 cats, but when I was focussing on my steps I allmost flatten a kitten, because I didn't see it. I quickly replaced my foot so I missed it. After that I saw more kittens and even one was crawling on my hand being really cute. I was thinking why this owner was having so much animals.

When I passed the animals I looked to the left, because I was smelling something. Now I saw the owner using his barbeque to make food, but what I noticed was something really bad. He was using his own cats to make meal of it. So I became angry and currious at the same time:
"Wtf are you doing," I asked, but the person was looking really strange to me like he didn't understand me. Then someone who was really sad came outside and said:
"Sorry for seeing this brother, I'm the owner here, but I had to give this land away." So I looked around and there was a huge park in front of his caravan. It was all filled with people.
"I was forced by the government to open this place for refugees," he said, "but the problem is that the refugees want to eat my cats and chanting me to give them away. I'm feeling so sad." I was totally in compassion with this guy, but didn't no what to do with the guy who was making meal of his pets.

After his last words I heard a big sound. At the other side of the park a man was opening a gate and he was letting in more refugees. I think it were hundreds of them, so the guy told me to run away from this place and to leave it behind.
"It is not your bussiness to help these people," he said.
So I listened to what he said and drove away to my parents house with the scooter.

Worldproblems (the explanation)
At my parents house I explained the whole situation and my father told me that it was all about the weather. "Look son at the rivers, oceans and seas there is too much wind so thats why all these boats with refugees are washing ashore."
"Is it possible to see this?" I asked

My father said yes so my mother, father and I went together with a trolley to the dyke and the rivers to have a look. My father even worn sportwear, because of the journey we had to take to reach it. When we arrived the dyke we had to climb a huge ladder to the top of it. When we were on top I saw the huge river having huge waves, because of the heavy storm. The waves were hitting the quay really hard, but we didn't see any boats. What I saw were some strange birds landing which wasn't normal for this period of the year.
"It's all about the weather my son. Things are changing in the world be aware of that," my father explained again.

So we took the ladder downstairs and my father torn out of his pants, so he said: "Son this is really funny, but what we saw up there isn't. I'm still breathing so you have to do the same."

We took our trolley again and together with my mother we went back to the town by passing through a church, because it was the only possibility to go back again. When we went inside the second room of that church. I saw a rollator standing in the room. So my father thought my grandmother was over here and he didn't want to see her (they have some argument in real life), so we walked on quickly and passed another door. We didn't see her and the dream ended.

If you read my dream thanks. To be honest I'm really excited about this one, because I could recall almost everything this time. If you have something to say about this dream, please do it, because there are a lot of details to discuss about.

:wave: MJG

PS: sorry about my English I'm trying to improve it.
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