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Dreamjournal 6: Girlfriend switch in a rich house

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Dreamjournal 6: Girlfriend switch in a rich house

Postby MJG » Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:24 pm

Dear forum,

I just woke up and because I want to stay awake for some minutes to sleep-in again soon I'll tell you my dream I had this night.

First of all in the beginning I was playing football (or soccer for the Americans). I was doing a great job and dealing with my new team. I made some tricks and scored one time so we won our match. (Which is not happening in real life at the moment we are losing everything)
After the match I came in a setting with one of my boardmembers of my studentsociety (I'm the chairsman) and he told me that he was dissapointed that he didn't went to the party I told about yesterday in my other dream. He was regretting that he wasn't there.

After the match I went home together with one of my best girlfriends (no lover). We went to her parents house and to give you some details. This girlfriend is really rich (in real life as well) so the house we approached was amazing. It were two buildings sepperated from each other, but both really huge. Ther interior was really modern. With black tiles and as I could see her mother was really enthousiastic about painting, because she had a lot of her own paintings on different walls. We went to the backdoor of the house so we could go across a courtyard which was sepperating the two buildings and enter the other building, but before we came in I noticed that her parents even glued paintings on the windows of that building so we could see them from the outside. Her parents glued these paintings with the back of the painting to the window. Which was really ugly on the inside, because you saw a lot of glue behind the glass.

After this we started to have dinner, but I can't remember the dish we got. When we were done eating we stood up to start cleaning everything and doing the dishes. First of all I took a pan with me and started cleaning it in the sink in the other building. Second the mother came in and gave me some plates and knives, but I thought it was really inefficient the way we where acting so that irritated me, because we where doing dishes in the other building and she brought me too less stuff. So I was done really quick with these dishes and went to the other building again together with the girl I was talking about. I crossed the courtyard again and entered the other building were her dad had an conversation now with two new and strange people. One of the guys was talking about preparing for an invoice and that he will fix it, but I had no idea where they were talking about. I looked to the table in the very nice kitchen. Now there were even some fruits in a bucket on the table and in the middle there were some knives left so I grabbed them and took them with me, but then the mother stopped me and gave me a kind of wooden plate with me, but there was still some brown leftovers on that plate. So when I crossed the courtyard it fell on my right foot and some crumbles where falling on the ground. I was trying to get rid of it, but that didn't work, because my hands were filled with dishes.

Than my girlfriend came besides me (this is the switch, because this is my lover) and asked me in my ear if I had some condoms left for tonight. I told her that I thought so, but that we weren't using them that often so I wasn't sure. Then I realized it was my ow girlfriend who is not joining my dreams really often. So I became enthousiastic and woke up slowly.

I was really happy my girlfriend was in there, but it was totally unexpected, because she wasn't in my dream all the time. She switched place with the other girl I was staying with.

Analyzes of this dream are welcome

:wave: MJG
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Re: Dreamjournal 6: Girlfriend switch in a rich house

Postby Sheena » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:33 pm

What we desire is the desire of the Other.
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