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demon hunt

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demon hunt

Postby Rurouni » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:19 pm

I keep having disturbing dreams lately. I wonder what's causing them.

I was in a room with several people, when a giant deamon appears. It would seem that it's too strong to be defeted by us, so I request being let out through the window. The person next to me ist concerned, since we are pretty high up, but I see no problem. He/she opens the window for me and I fly towards a cloud of mist. In there is a portal that leads me to the past, where I have to stop a number of explosions that led to the demons release. I think the other person followed me, and I can definitely feel the deamons approach, but I reach the mist in time.
I land on a roof. I jump from roof to roof and enter a house. The woman there is very kind to me, but her father is not. Luckily he isn't home yet. With the womans help, I am able to locate the first bomb. It's on the roof of some building where a man disappeared/died. His fiance is deeply depressed, and her family/father is overly protective of her. As I enter the house asking the way to the roof, I am being obstructed by a female servant. Finally on the roof, I can convince her, that my mission is important. She thinks I cannot escape from there and attempts to leave. But I jump out of a window and she gets angry feeling betrayed by me. I go back to the first house, where the father is now home. Seeing me he gets very angry and I have to get out through another window and onto the roofs of the city.
Then there's a blank.
I wake up inside a room with another oerson, a stranger to me. Suddenly 5 minor demons appear. Neither of us has the means to kill the deamons, so we can only hold out until someone helps us out. We communicate, that it's probably better to separate. I move into the next room luring the two bee like demons (the have stingers). I use a towel or another piece of fablic to fend them off, but they appear oddly lifeless. (I think I separete here between the acting me and an onlooker. The acting me doesn't notice, but to the watcher's eye they look like toys.)
I don't know how I got out there. I am in a village. The forest surrounding it is considered dangerous and barely anyone goes there. A black guy is headed for the forest that is lightly covered in mist. It is late in the evening and very dark inside the forest. A little girl follows the man but suddely stops as she hears scary voices coming from the forest. I go into woods and find that man at a camp discussing demon matters. No one seems to notice me although I'm clearly visible. I even take some food from there tables partly using telekinesis. I want to attract their attention as I wish to offer my assistance, but they are too engulfed in their discussion.
Last thing I recall, is rolling something into a cigar shape. It might be some kind of food, like cookies.

Thanks for your insights and ideas on this. :oops:
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Re: demon hunt

Postby Varzandeh » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:22 am

A demon means a liar deceiver enemy apparently friend.
Flying means a travel.

A mist means misleading in the moral rules.

From a roof to another means leaving the partner for another girl.
A bomb means a big news.

Please update in less than a month.
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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